TORU Robot: Inventory-Grabbing Robot


The TORU Cube (other Platonic solids to come, no doubt) is meant to operate in ordinary, human-scale environments with ordinary shelves and boxes. It can grab and store away up to 8 shoebox-size packages in one run, delivering them to a chosen location or replacing them in the stacks as needed. Laser rangers let it identify and roll around humans and unexpected obstacles, and there are no big, free arms to whack them with. No special beacons or reflectors are needed to tell the bot where it is, either; it checks its perceived environment against a stored map and deduces its position from that. If you work in any kind of storage facility or warehouse, there’s a better chance every day that you’re going to be working alongside robots. Magazino’s TORU is a good example of the latest generation: navigating by sight, safe around humans, and simple to put to work.


Payload 3 kg
Operation Time 16 hr
max. Speed 1 m/s
Connectivity WiFi


  • Country: Germany 
  • Company: Magazino

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