AxiDraw Robot: Designer Robot


This device can write or draw on almost any flat surface with a crazy amount of precision. It definitely puts my mediocre handwriting to shame. Created by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, the AxiDraw V3 is the latest version of the AxiDraw system, featuring a new field-serviceable design. The upgrade ensures each part is replaceable by the user, if the need ever arises. AxiDraw V3 arrives at your door fully assembled and comes equipped with a Universal-input plug-in power supply, USB cable, and an optional paper-holding easel. The machine itself is constructed out of folded aluminum components. Compatible with the graphical user interface (GUI) Inkscape, the user just has to download the AxiDraw extension to calibrate the device. All the required software is open source and free to download.

Fun fact: the maximum XY travel speed the pen can achieve is around 11 inches (28 cm) per second! Check out the AxiDraw V3 in the video below. Before you hit that play button, you must be warned, this video may be extremely mesmerizing to watch.


Weight 1.75 kg
Payload 5 kg
Usable Pen Travel 300×218 mm
max. Speed (XY) 28 cm/sec


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Evil Mad Scientist

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