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Seekur Robot, Seekur

Seekur Robot: Seekur Jr is a skid steer, four wheel drive, all-weather robot platform for research and new experimental application development. Seekur Jr's powerful drive motors allow movement up steep slopes and over rough terrain. Manipulation, sensing, additional computing and wireless communication can be added to fit any application. Seekur Jr brings the advanced technology architecture of the larger Seekur robot to into smaller and more affordable package, and provides a much more robust and capable option than the Pioneer AT. It can be used both in the lab, and in the field.  Whether you’re performing room mapping, outdoor terrain mapping, or a combination of both the Seekur Jr., utilizing our proprietary software, is a sophisticated solution for your applications.


Dimensions 105x84x50 cm
Weight 77 kg
Payload 50 kg
Operation Time 3 hr
max. Speed 1.2 m/s


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Mobile Robots

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