Tesserae Robot: Smart Modular Robot


Tesserae Robot is a smart modular robot that unlike large-scale habitats proposed for entire space colonies, the TESSERAE should be thought of as flexible and reconfigurable modules to aid in agile mission operations. Multiple, interlocking TESSERAE can serve as a larger volume orbiting base (e.g.  "MOSAIC": Mars Orbiting Self-Assembling Interlocking Chambers), in addition to supporting the coming waves of space tourists and space hotels in Low Earth Orbit. This mission concept focuses on supporting LEO, Lunar and Mars operations, with dual-use orbit & surface capability: 

  • Tiles are packed flat and condensed for launch
  • Tiles are released after orbit insertion to quasi-stochastically self-assemble into the target geometry, while floating in microgravity
  • Once assembled, the structure can be reconfigured on demand (e.g., where a berthing port was needed yesterday, a cupola tile can be replaced tomorrow)
  • Tiles can be disassembled entirely, packed flat again in an EDL (Entry, Descent and Landing) vehicle, and then deployed and "snap-assembled" with astronaut assists on the lunar or martian surface

Specifications (Tesserae Robot)

Tile Side Length 1.52 m
Interior Volume 196 m3
Interior Open Diamete 8.7 m


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: MIT

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