Loper Robot: Smart Four Wheeled Robot


Loper Robot, Loper

Loper Robot is a smart four wheeled robot that a multi-purpose robotic platform using a Tri-lobe wheel design and a highly compliant chassis which makes the platform suited for overcoming challenges associated with  search operations in urban settings. Each Tri-lobe wheel is coupleddirectly to a high torque, highly accurate AC servo actuator. The direct coupling of the wheels to the motors creates amechanically simple and robust system. The platform features long operational time, on-board sensor processing, dedicated motion control, and four reconfigurable sensor bays. The Loper control system is made of three off-the-shelf components: a dedicated motion controller, a PC-104 form factor computer, and a battery management system.

Specifications (Loper Robot)

max. Speed 8 km/h
Operation Time 40 min
Climbing Speed 6 steps p/s
Visual Sensor uEye Camera


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: University of Minnesota

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