UR3 Robot: Smart Robotic Arm


UR3 Robot, UR3, Robotic Arm

UR3 Robot is a smart robotic arm that an ideal assistant in gathering, clean, polish, place and bonding applications requiring uniform item quality. The new pedestal or tabletop robot can be utilized for picking, gathering and putting parts in optimized workflows. As a result of its minimal structure and simple programs, it's anything but difficult to switch it between tasks to meet assembling needs making all out expense of ownership low and payback period of an average 195 days.

Specifications (UR3 Robot)

Weight 1.5 kg
Payload 3 kg
Range 50 cm
Footprint 12.8 cm
Noise 70 dB
IP Classification IP20
Materials Aluminium, PP plastics

Accessories (UR3 Robot)


  • Country: Denmark 
  • Company: Universal Robots

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