UR10 Robot: Smart Robotic Arm


UR10 Robot, UR10, Robotic Arm

UR10 Robot is a smart robotic arm that is our largest collaborative industrial robot arm, designed for bigger tasks where precision and reliability are still of paramount importance. According to the press release, this new collaborative robot platform is intended to enable faster development for a wider variety of applications than the standard line. Improvements include greater precision and sensitivity provided by a built-in, tool-centric force/torque sensor.

Specifications (UR10 Robot)

Weight 33.5 kg
Payload 10 kg
Range 130 cm
Footprint 19 cm
Noise 72 dB
IP Classification IP54
Materials Aluminium, PP Plastics

Accessories (UR10 Robot)

  • RG6 Gripper: The RG6 gripper is a flexible electric gripper specially designed for robots from Universal Robots. The higher adjustable force (25N to 120N) enables three times higher payload (6-8 kg) and wider stroke (160 mm), ideal for manufacturers automating the movement of delicate or heavy objects. The RG6 comes with factory-installed safety shields. The standard fingers can be used with many different objects, it is also possible to fit custom fingers. Compatible with all Universal Robots arms, the RG6 is easy and fast to install –as the cable attaches directly to the robot arm, therefore enabling operators to quickly modify assembly on the factory floor without the assistance of an engineer. (Like the RG2 gripper,) the movement and force of the RG6 gripper can be controlled by the user. The control is done directly on the Universal Robots user interface. Both gripper and robot control are stored in the same program. The RG6 is capable of measuring the width of the object and detect if the object is grasped or not. All feedback signals are sent to the robot and can be used to make the robot act based on the inputs.

  • Force Torque Sensor Kit: The HEX Force/Torque sensing package for Universal Robots is an easy to use hardware and software component that allows you to extend the force/torque sensing capability of your UR robot.

  • Microscan Guidance for UR Robots: The Microscan Guidance UR Cap provides easy integration between Microscan Smart Cameras and Universal Robots. The Microscan Smart Camera locates the desired object and guide the UR robot to the object location. Simple Learn and Calibration process to quickly deploy your vision guided application. Robust and Powerful vision tools to tackle challenging applications with speed and precision.


  • Country: Denmark 
  • Company: Universal Robots

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