Spinybot Robot: Smart Six Wheeled Robot


Spinybot Robot, Spinybot

Spinybot Robot is a smart six wheeled robot that The design is inspired by the mechanisms observed in some climbing insects and spiders and involves arrays of microspines that catch on surface asperities. The arrays are located on the toes of the robot and consist of a tuned, multi-link compliant suspension. The entire foot mechanism is mounted on a prismatic joint with an elastic suspension that allows it to move up to 1 cm in the distal direction. In addition, the entire foot assembly is spring loaded by a second elastic element behind the pivot, where it is connected to a rotary RC servo motor. The foot maintains its orientation parallel to the wall during the entire time it is touching the wall, and the positive normal force provided by the rear elastic element enables the spines to engage early in the stroke down the wall.

Specifications (Spinybot Robot)

Weight 400 gr
Payload 400 gr
Climbing Speed 2.3 cm/s
Battery 340 mAh
Processor 40 MHz PlC


  • Country: Switzerland 
  • Company: EPFL

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