AirBurr Robot: Smart Flying Robot


AirBurr Robot, AirBurr, flying robot

AirBurr Robot takes inspiration from the way insects process information and therefor can recover from collisions and even exploit them. The robot is designed to be robust to crashes and can take-off again without human intervention. Airburr navigates in a reactive way, can bump into obstacles, and doesn't need heavy modeling in order to fly autonomously. The AirBurr is equipped with a protective structure and active legs so that it can fall to the ground without breaking and upright itself to take-off again. AirBurr robot has a protective structure around the entire robot using pulltruded carbon fibre rods and 3D-printed plastic interconnections. The structure remains flexible, able to absorb contact energy while protecting the rotors and control surfaces. The AirBurr has an active recovery system based on 4 carbon fibre ’legs’ that are rolled up using a DC motor and nylon string during flight. When the platform is on the ground and on its side the legs retract, providing an uprighting force that rotates the platform around its landing gear into an upright position, ready to take off again. 

Specifications (AirBurr Robot)

Weight 350 gr
Height 70 cm
Sensors 2
Processor dsPic33 with a Kalman filter


  • Country: Switzerland 
  • Company: EPFL

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