AquaSimian Robot: Smart Industrial Robot


AquaSimian Robot, AquaSimian

AquaSimian Robot includes capabilities to detect and autonomously respond to any leaks or motor faults by disconnecting motor power when the system is in an off-nominal state and notifying the operator through LED lighting on the Light Lids that seal the actuator assembly housings. A custom 3-function robotic gripper mounted to the force torque sensor allows dexterous yet robust interaction with underwater task panels.

Specifications (AquaSimian Robot)

Limb Mass in Air 36 kg
Limb Mass in Water 11 kg
Depth 30 m
Total reach 1.25 m
End Effector Payload (in air) 5 kg
End Effector Payload (in water) 20 kg
DOF 10


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: JPL

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