Alpha II Robot: Smart Home Robot


Alpha 2 has a whole bag of tricks that range from activating your smart home lights to practicing yoga. Voice control wasn't turned on during our demo here at the CES show in Las Vegas, but I was able to use the app (for Android and iOS) to control the robot's movements, like turning around, waving, sitting, nodding and so on. The same applies to its other functions, too. It's pricy and questionably useful, but the Alpha 2 is darn cute. UBTech makes a lot of big promises about Alpha 2, its family-friendly “humanoid robot,” so it’s almost reassuring to see that the retail price is set for a steep $1300. When Alpha 2 exits its development stage and goes onsale, it promises to control home security systems. And teach you foreign languages. And tell the kids bedtime stories. And thanks to a high-precision servo and 20 movable joints that replicate human motion, the 17-inch tall Alpha 2 even does yoga instruction. Are these the kind of features you want to buy on the cheap? Most definitely not. You have to pay to play in the brave new world of service droids, and the features I listed above are just a few of the robot’s headline functions. The Alpha 2 was first announced in an early November Indiegogo campaign, but now UBTech is publicly showing the robot for the very first time at CES.


Weight 2.26 kg
Dimension 17x5 inch
Height 42.5 cm
Battery 2150 mAh
Internal Storage 16 GB


  • Country: China 
  • Company: UBTech

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