Luna Robot: Personal Robot


Designed for Robodynamics by Schultzeworks, Luna is billed as a personal robot designed for practical everyday tasks that Robodynamics says will "bring robots to the masses." When development is completed, it's claimed it will be affordable, adaptable, and designed to operate on a human scale. The maker sees it as being extremely versatile with applications in care of the elderly, where it would aid independent living for senior citizens by watching their meds, and fetching and carrying; medical aid, which would involve monitoring patients and providing telepresence for specialists; and security, such as patrolling office buildings and warehouses. Images from the company even suggest that it can walk the dog, though that seems a bit optimistic unless the dog is very small and exceptionally well-behaved.


Weight 27.2 kg
Height 1.52 m
Display 8 inch
Operation Time 8 hr
Internal Storage 16 GB


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: RoboDynamics

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