Spark Robot: Rolling Robot


Spark Robot, Spark, Rolling Robot

Spark Robot: Spark robot is a rolling ball you can control with a mobile app. Since then, the product has been adopted as a tool for teaching kids about robotics and computer programming in over 1,000 schools across the US and Canada. Today it's announcing the second edition, the Sphero Spark+, which has a tougher, scratch-resistant skin. It also has a more advanced version of Bluetooth, meant to make it easier to pair the bots with multiple devices in a classroom setting. Aside from these two changes, the new Spark unit is basically identical to its predecessor in size, price, battery life, and capability. It works with the Lightning Lab app, which is meant to teach coding through play. Like Apple's new Swift Playgrounds and the recently released mobile app from Hopscotch, the Lightning Lab lets users program sequences of action with drag-and-drop commands. Kids who want to learn more can peek under the hood at the actual code.


Weight 181.44 gr
Height 7.3 cm
Operation Time Up to one hour
max. Speed 2 m/s


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Sphero

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