OutRunner Robot:The World's First Running Robot


It is biologically inspired and emulates the behaviour of legged animals by reproducing their step pattern as well as having a similar mass to length distribution, the company explained. ‘By having a centre of mass lower than the leg axis of rotation, OutRunner robots exploit a buoyancy effect, making them inherently stable and eliminating the need for expensive sensors and complex control algorithms,’ they said. It claims to be energy efficient as the legs are used as energy storage systems, which allows for the conservation of kinetic energy during running. The robotics team proved the stability of the robot by creating a version that is able to run on four rotating legs. To steer the OutRunner, an owner uses a remote control to shift the mass of the robot by forcing it to lean to one side. This induces a turn, similar to steering a bicycle.


Weight 1.4 kg
Height 46 cm
max. Speed 32 km/h
Operation Time 2 hr


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Robotics Unlimited

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