Starship Robot: Delivery Food Robot


The company is manufacturing – and currently testing in local markets around the world – robots that can deliver up to three shopping bags’ worth of goods within 30 minutes to homes within a 3-mile radius. The company, according to CEO Heinla, is “reinventing” the so-called last mile of transportation, and it’s currently running tests with commercial partners such as London’s takeout food delivery service Just Eats that involves the robots ferrying meals to customers. 

“We’re testing in multiple cities around the world with partners in the grocery industry, parcel industry and food takeaway industry,” Harris-Borland said. “Each has their own specific challenges, and we’re overcoming them from extensive testing. “The long-term vision of the company is to be completing millions of deliveries every day in thousands of cities around the world. (And) we’re aiming, in the long run, to offer on-demand delivery for $1 in the future.”

Some observers and news reports have likened them to resembling beer coolers on wheels. That was the quirky reaction upon their arrival stateside, for example, when Starship hooked up with food delivery service DoorDash and the courier service Postmates to kick off more tests with commercial partners in Redwood City, Calif., and Washington D.C. in recent days.


max. Speed 6.44 km/h
Viewing Angle 360 degrees


  • Country: Estonia 
  • Company: Starship Technologies

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