Windowmate Robot: Window Cleaning Robot


Spring cleaning just got easier...maybe. Attach the Windowmate to each side of your window, and it'll make its way in Zamboni-like rows until both sides of the pane are clean. It's essentially a robot mop with sponges attached to the base that works vertically. The Windowmate is on display here at the IFA trade show in Berlin this week. And it chugged along diligently during a demonstration. Apparently, the Windowmate can clean for 90 minutes straight on a full charge, though it takes two and a half hours to charge. It cleans both sides of the window simultaneously because it attaches to the glass with magnets. One half of the body sits on either side of the pane, so they hold each other in place. The advantage of that is the robot won't fall off your window if it loses power. The Windowmate representative at IFA told me the magnets are strong enough to withstand wind as well. The disadvantage: You have to be able to reach both sides of the glass simultaneously to put the Windowmate in place.


Dimension 258×250×56 mm
Weight 2.6 kg
Operation Time 90 min
Battery 2600 mAh (2 pcs)


  • Country: South Korea 
  • Company: Creative Cleaning

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