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TeleBot Robot: TeleBot is a robot capable of performing simple tasks such as doing fines for unauthorized parking. It is designed to be remotely controlled and its multiple sensors and cameras allow it to patrol anywhere in the streets. “We want to use the TeleBots to provide an opportunity for police veterans to continue to serve in support of law enforcement,” said Jeremy Robins, founder of the project. “With TeleBot, a disabled police officer will be able to perform many, if not most of the functions of a traditional patrol officer, whether it is the interaction with the community, patrols or responding to 911 calls (emergency number in the US).” The robot, which measures about 1.80m, moves with wheels and three HD cameras that allow it to have a 360 degree view. It also has cameras pointed toward the ground to avoid jostling with pedestrians. Moreover, its face has a kind of “emotional display” that will allow it to express the simplest emotions.”


Height 182 cm
DOF 52
Camera HD 360 degrees


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Florida University

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