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Prosthesis Robot, Prosthesis

Prosthesis RobotProsthesis is a first exo-bionic racing mech, to CES this year. It looks bonkers. Prosthesis is 15 feet tall and weighs over 8,000 pounds. It’s an exoskeleton, not a robot, meaning it doesn’t operate automatically, it’s completely controlled by the human trapped inside. Like how it works in Power Rangers. Prosthesis can run up to 20 mph, step over obstacles, and run for up to an hour on a battery charge. It also has a very tiny cockpit, and I was told repeatedly that I am too large a human to fit inside. This makes me sad. I am very sad now. But Furrion isn’t happy just with one racing mech, it wants to start a whole league. It just announced the X1 Mech Racing League, and it hopes Prosthesis is just the first in a new genre. I would definitely watch mech racing on Twitch. Let’s make this happen. Just please make a larger version for larger people. Thank you.


Weight 3500 kg
Height 4.2 m
Length 3 m
max. Speed 30 km/h
Run Time 30-120 min


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Furrion

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