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Chameleon robot, Chameleon

Chameleon robotRobo Chameleon has a tongue that can be controlled using a remote control. It also has rotating eyes and changing light effects. The tongue has magnets, so it can capture metal food items. This great remote control character has a 3 step challenge to collect his food - move, aim and shoot its tongue out and snap up the bugs! He stores his food in his mouth, ready for the next game! 

  • A fun and easy to use portable robot
  • LED illuminated body with multiple colour change
  • Tongue that shoots out to catch its food
  • Eyes and tails that move and a 4 directional remote control
  • Suitable for children ages 3 and above


Dimensions 34x22x13 cm
Weight 499 gr


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: SilverLit

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