Cutii Robot: Smart Four-Wheeled Robot


Cutii Robot, Cutii

Cutii Robot: Cutii responds to verbal cues to offer users a catalog of services and activities. It can’t assist with day-to-day tasks like cooking and doing the dishes, but can schedule and coordinate enrichment and well-being activities like contacting family members, arranging doctor’s appointments, and signing up for fitness classes. The robot can be controlled manually with a remote or it can be left to navigate autonomously around the home. Cutii works entirely through vocal commands and is designed to allow seniors to interact with their family, caregivers, and doctors. The companion resembles a tablet on wheels and can take users on virtual tours of museums, or sign them up for a local yoga class. By simplifying everyday interactions, Cutii can help seniors stay connected to their community.

Cutii Robot Specifications:

  • Speech recognition and vocal synthesis
  • Facial detection and recognition
  • Remote control for family caregivers
  • Fall detection and alarm management
  • Connection with Internet Of Objects


  • Country: France 
  • Company: Cutii

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