Robotic News:

08:23 - 2017/08/07

G-WAM Robot: Mobile Manipulator Robot

Meet the G-WAM Mobile Manipulator: a robotic solution that can dexterously handle almost any object. It is composed of a mobile platform and robotic arm. The robot is suitable for indoor/outdoor navigation, disposal of explosives, remote mapping, and other situations.
07:42 - 2017/08/06

Andros F6B Robot: The Bomb Disposal Robot

Thursday night, the Dallas Police Department (DPD) used a bomb disposal robot with lethal force. After hours of negotiations failed, the police strapped a pound of C4 and a detonation cord to the robot, maneuvered the robot near the suspect, and detonated, killing the 25-year-old suspect Micah Johnson. In a police statement issued on Saturday, the DPD named the bot used in this unprecedented operation—the Remotec Andros F5 model.
08:15 - 2017/08/05

DonkiBot Robot: Auto-follow Trolley Robot

The DonkiBot Robot supposedly uses a LIDAR sensor to follow its master. However, before it starts moving you need to pull on its remote control, which is tethered to the robot. You’ll need to keep the remote control tethered to the robot while it’s following you, but the robot should keep doing all the work so you shouldn’t need to pull on it.
07:53 - 2017/08/02

SaviOne Robot: A Hotel Delivery Robot

A robotic butler is set to roam the corridors of the Aloft hotel in Cupertino, the first example of mysterious robo-startup Savioke’s new plan to make service robotics mainstream. Dubbed A.L.O., the SaviOne “Butlr” is roughly three foot tall and topped with a touchscreen, and the Starwood chain hotel will trial how effective it is at delivering items like drinks and towels to guest rooms.
13:54 - 2017/08/01

Rippa Robot: Autonomous Robot for Agriculture

another autonomous robot that could make life easier for farmers. The RIPPA robot (Robot for Intelligent Perception and Precision Application) comes with a smart applicator to shoot weeds at a high speed. As the makers explain, this robot can be used to apply the correct dose on the farm at high speed.
07:29 - 2017/07/31

Bina48 Robot: Smart Social Robot

BINA48 connects to the Internet and is said to be able to hold a discussion on a range of topics from politics to religion to future technologies. It has thirty-two facial motors under a skin-like rubber. Though without a complete body, the head-and-shoulder robotics express sixty-four different facial gestures.
07:58 - 2017/07/30

ArcheoROV Robot: Open Source Underwater Robot

The makerspace team at WitLab were able to work hands-on with the framework of the ArcheoROV, 3D printing a design and then iterating it in FreeCAD. The finished ROV is composed of two parts: the main body which houses the batteries, one camera for recording and another for seeing; and a tethered pod that receives control signals.
07:37 - 2017/07/29

Robi Robot: bilingual and Singlish-uttering robot

Created by Professor Tomotaka Takahashi for DeAgostini, Robi the Singlish-speaking robot incorporates cutting-edge robotics technology from Japan, including a microcontroller board that controls its motion and reactions and as many of 20 servo motors that control its movements. In terms of dimensions, Robi is 34cm tall and weighs 1kg. Its internal battery takes 90 minutes to charge up fully;
07:41 - 2017/07/26

Miko Robot: India's first companion robot

Miko is your child’s new companion — a brain with loads of heart. You will be amazed with how much Miko can do — be it chatting away about the facts of the world or adapting and responding to your child’s needs. Miko has a wide pool of knowledge and an even wider pool of fun.
07:55 - 2017/07/25

wiiGO Robot: Autonomous Shopping Cart

Robots are already coming to stores to help customers shop more conveniently. Autonomous shopping carts are the next step. Take wiiGO for instance. It is an autonomous, self-driving shopping cart that follows people in commercial areas. It has image recognition to identify the user in 2 seconds.