How to Build a Robot Car? - Part Two


Robotic Education: Cut four lengths of wire. You'll need four pieces of insulated wire, with each end stripped. Read this section first to find out how each wire is connected, so you can cut each one to the right length. Typically, each wire should be about 5 inches (13cm) long.

Step 1: Solder two wires onto one motor. Solder one wire onto each of the two motor pins.

Step 2: Solder the other ends to the motor driver. Find the motor pins on the motor driver circuit that are labeled m1 and m2. Solder the other ends of the two wires onto these pins.

  • If your driver does not have these labels, look for a diagram of your motor driver online.

Step 3: Repeat for the other motor. Solder the other two wires to the two pins on the second motor. Solder the other ends of these wires onto the driver pins labeled m3 and m4.

Step 4: Connect the battery holder. The battery holder should have two attached wires, one positive (red) and one negative (black). Connect these as follows:

  • Connect the positive wire to the Vin pin on the Arduino
  • Connect the negative wire to the Gnd (ground) pin on the Arduino

Step 5: Connect the motor driver circuit. The motor driver has two wires as well. Connect these to the Arduino, making contact with the wires from the battery holder:

  • Connect the positive pin on the motor driver circuit to the Vin pin on the Arduino.
  • Connect the Gnd pin on the motor driver circuit to the Gnd pin on the Arduino.
  • If you have difficulty identifying the Arduino pins, find an online guide specific to your model.

" Finished - Part Two "

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