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Cognitive Robotics, Cognitive Robotics book

Cognitive Robotics Book: This edited collection presents theoretical research in cognitive robotics. It takes a multidisciplinary approach that considers the artificial intelligence, physical, chemical, philosophical, psychological, social, cultural, and ethical aspects of this rapidly emerging field. The editor is a prominent researcher whose Lovotics research into emotional bonds with robots is widely recognized.

Book Informations

  • Author: Hooman Samani
  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 320
  • File: 16.5 MB

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Dadika toi 21:15 - 2019/10/01
please send the link.
Rogerio 05:03 - 2018/09/17
I'm a control engineering student and I would be glad if could improve my experience by reading this book.
Reply: Hi Rogerio
Our link of download repaired. you can download this book
Good Luck
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