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08:46 - 2017/11/25

"Substation Automation Systems" Book: Free Download

Substation Automation Systems: Design and Implementation aims to close the gap created by fast changing technologies impacting on a series of legacy principles related to how substation secondary systems are conceived and implemented. It is intended to help those who have to define and implement SAS, whilst also conforming to the current industry best practice standards.
07:41 - 2017/11/25

"All-in-One Electronics Guide" Book: Free Download

All-in-One Electronics Guide comes with materials that engineers actually use in the real world with clear, easy-to-read explanations and with hundreds of diagrams, pictures, and enhanced graphics. It includes the latest technologies and market trends. Authored by an electrical engineer with real industry experience and faculty teaching experience, All-in-One Electronics Guide follows the college electrical engineering academic curriculum, one course per chapter.
07:00 - 2017/11/25

"Microelectronic Circuits" Book: Free Download

Microelectronic Circuits continues its standard of excellence and innovation built on the solid pedagogical foundation that instructors expect from Adel S. Sedra and Kenneth C. Smith. New to this Edition: A revised study of the MOSFET and the BJT and their application in amplifier design. Improved treatment of such important topics as cascode amplifiers, frequency response, and feedback Reorganized and modernized coverage of Digital IC Design.
12:57 - 2017/11/22

"Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics" Book: Free Download

Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics is intended for use in one- or two-semester courses in electromagnetics. It also serves as a reference for engineers. Widely acclaimed both in the U.S. and abroad, this authoritative text bridges the gap between circuits and new electromagnetics material. Ulaby begins coverage with transmission lines, leading students from familiar concepts into more advanced topics and applications.
10:50 - 2017/11/22

"Silicon Nanowire Transistors" Book: Free Download

Silicon Nanowire Transistors describes the n and p-channel Silicon Nanowire Transistor (SNT) designs with single and dual-work functions, emphasizing low static and dynamic power consumption. The authors describe a process flow for fabrication and generate SPICE models for building various digital and analog circuits.
15:32 - 2017/11/21

"Linear Circuit Transfer Functions" Book: Free Download

Linear Circuit Transfer Functions: An introduction to Fast Analytical Techniques teaches readers how to determine transfer functions of linear passive and active circuits by applying Fast Analytical Circuits Techniques. Building on their existing knowledge of classical loop/nodal analysis, the book improves and expands their skills to unveil transfer functions in a swift and efficient manner.
13:00 - 2017/11/21

"Power System Analysis and Design" Book: Free Download

Power System Analysis and Design, A text with emphasis on the design of power systems. The authors use their extensive teaching experience to present methods of power system analysis and design, with thorough coverage of basic theory.
10:54 - 2017/11/21

"Design of Electrical Transmission Lines" Book: Free Download

Design of Electrical Transmission Lines covers structural and foundation systems used in high-voltage transmission lines, conductors, insulators, hardware and component assembly. In most developing countries, the term “transmission structures” usually means lattice steel towers. The term actually includes a vast range of structural systems and configurations of various materials such as wood, steel, concrete and composites.
09:40 - 2017/11/21

"Understanding Motor Controls" Book: Free Download

Understanding Motor Controls Preparing you for a career as an industrial electrician, it provides a strong foundation in basic control circuits, sensing devices, solid-state controls, variable speed drives, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and more.
13:07 - 2017/11/20

"Transformer Design Principles" Book: Free Download

Transformer Design Principles the reader will learn the basics of transformer design, starting from fundamental principles and ending with advanced model simulations. The electrical, mechanical, and thermal considerations that go into the design of a transformer are discussed with useful design formulas, which are used to ensure that the transformer will operate without overheating and survive various stressful events, such as a lightning strike or a short circuit event.