Flower Robotics


Flower Robotics has a common vision for its business operation and technology research: "having robots as part of the everyday scene.." Having robots existing in harmony in people's everyday lives will be beautiful and an essential part of our lives. The development of the "Beautiful Robot" is about refining the robot to become an integral part of everyday life while reflecting a world full of changes. This is the idea behind our approach. With this vision, we conduct our business, development, and sales. They want the robot to be like a flower, born from a natural providence and seen by people as beautiful. For applications created from everyday points of view, even robots will become a silent technology and have a dignified presence. Make Your Nature—We will make robots a natural part of everyday life and have them start a quiet revolution for a new lifestyle. We are working to be a manufacturer producing a new disposition of life for people.

 Phone: +81 3 57909421
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