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Engineered Arts Ltd was founded in October 2004 by Director, Will Jackson. The Company originally employed the talents of local artists and engineers to produce a number of bespoke mixed media installations for UK science centres and museums.   These included major commissions for the Eden Project, Glasgow Science Centre, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and Centrum Kopernik in Warsaw. Many of these projects involved simple mechanical figures, animated by standard industrial controllers. The role of "Mechanical Actors" took a significant step forward when, early in 2005, the Company began work on the Mechanical Theatre for the Eden Project.  This involved three figures, with storylines focused on genetic modification.  Rather than designing another ad hoc set of figures for this new commission, we decided to develop a generic programmable figure that would be used for the Mechanical Theatre, and the succession of similar commissions that would hopefully follow.  The result was RoboThespian Mark 1 (RT1). From thereon, the Company took a change of direction and now concentrates entirely on development and sales of an ever expanding range of humanoid and semi-humanoid robots featuring natural human-like movement and advanced social behaviours. We are fortunate to employ a small team of extremely talented people, all are specialists in their individual areas of software development, mechanical engineering, 3D design and animation. Engineered Arts' humanoid robots are used worldwide for social interaction, communication and entertainment at public exhibitions and attractions, as well as university research labs.

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