Fritz Robot: Smart Head Robot


Fritz Robot: There is no better way to learn about robots than building your own. Fritz is an animatronic robot head you can build to show emotion, sing, and do a whole lot more. It has a changeable base plate, so you can customize it for every occasions. For kids, Fritz is a great project to start with robotics and animatronics. And once he is built, they can continue to learn and have fun by customizing him, adding features, making a movie starring Fritz, etc.  Fritz can even be a way to study the psychology of human expression and emotion.

Main Features:

  • Humaniod Dimensions
  • 13 Moveable Facial Parts
  • Open Source Hardware and Software
  • Arduino Microcontroller Based
  • Control Fritz using GUI Drag and Drop Interface
  • Included Audio and Motion editor
  • Generate Speech from Text
  • Control Fritz Using Keyboard or a Joystick


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: XYZ Bot

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