RoMa Robot: Smart Mannequin Robot


RoMa Robot is a full-body humanoid social robot platform, is currently in the final stages of development for visual merchandising to promote customer appeal. RoMa is characterized by nine features which are listed as: appealing appearance, avoiding the uncanny valley, easy maintenance, interactive, light weight, low developmental cost, suitable body movements, suitable color, and user friendly.



  • Country: Iran 
  • Company: Sharif University of Technology

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Julian Kozlowski 20:23 - 2018/08/29
May I have your ROMA robot price for end-user from Poland, please?
Reply: Hi dear Julian
We're company with name "CFP Robotic Group" and i don't know price of this robot, because this robot is base on customize.
If you want more information about this robot, you can contact with this team:

Cellphone Number: 00989121465611- Mr. Soltani
Telephone: 00982133717591

Good Luck
Fran Ezquerra 09:35 - 2018/01/03
Interested on your ROMA robotic mannequin for retail. Do you have price and delivery time? It is for the spanish market of retail. Thanks.
Reply: Hi dear Fran, Thanks for your kindness. I sent it for you
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