Genibo Robot: Companion Robot Dog


The Genibo SD Robot Dog is a cute toy with a fun personality. It does not like its sides touched and needs your attention to stay awake. It comes with a 10-channel touch sensor, vision and voice recognition, and 2600 mAh battery. Genibo was originally released as a prototype in 2006 and was made available to the public in 2008 for about $1500 USD. The newer 2009 Genibo QD robots come with English computer software and remote as well as the ability to understand English voice commands as where the previous models could only understand Korean.


Weight 1.6 kg
Height 33 cm
Camera 1.3 MP
CPU 32 bit RISC Proc
Battery 2600 mAh


  • Country: South Korea 
  • Company: Dasatech

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Vernon 02:44 - 2020/02/16
I have been trying to get my Genibo Dog to work and it seem to stop moving but it is just charging so did I over charge the robot dog. Please help me fix the problem.
Vernon 03:02 - 2019/10/29
I brought a Gemini dog in 2017 and I rarely used it but I keep charging it and get it stop moving for some reason so can you help with this problem. The disk that came with it is in another language so I can't read it.
Vernon Meeks 06:25 - 2019/06/20
I want to reset my Genibo dog because it will not move but it is charge up.
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