BoniRob Robot: Bosch's agricultural robot


BoniRob is a multi-purpose robotic platform for applications in agriculture. Its four independently steerable drive wheels and the ability to adjust its trackwidth make BoniRob highly maneuverable. It can be run purely on batteries or connected to a generator to extend its range and usage time. Also, can be retrofitted and upgraded with exchangeable application modules. 

BoniRob has a device about 1 cm (0.4 inches) wide that can stamp small weeds down. For bigger weeds, it just stamps a few more times, and it can manage to kill nearly two weeds a second. According to Bosch, the robot is about the size of a small car, and uses the same type of laser-radar vision system that Google’s self-driving car use to navigate the world. BoniRob is programmed by being shown pictures of leaves from plants farmers want to harvest and weeds. Using machine learning—a form of artificial intelligence that allows it to make decisions based on what it’s been shown—it applies its knowledge to what it sees when it’s in the field, stamping down only on the weeds it’s been asked to kill. BoniRob could potentially rid farms of the need to use herbicides or other weed killers on crops, which have been seen as potentially harmful to humans.


Dimension 1.8m×1.3m×0.8m
Height 85 cm
Weight 1100 kg
Payload 150 kg
max. Speed 150 cm/s
Connectivity WiFi, USB (6 ports outside, 14 ports inside), Bluetooth 4.0


  • Country: Germany 
  • Company: Deepfield Robotics

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