Wave Glider Robot: Unmanned Surface Vehicle


The Wave Glider offers an additional propulsion system using stored solar energy. The additional directional thrust increases mobility and precision and helps to navigate challenging ocean conditions (doldrums, high currents, and hurricanes/cyclones), or accommodate mission changes. The solar energy system also recharges batteries that power sensors. 

Operate the Wave Glider individually or in fleets with fewer pilots and less risk. Change missions in real-time to adapt to new operational requirements. Other key capabilities include:

  • Programmable course navigation including precise hold-station capabilities
  • Vessel detection and avoidance
  • Multi-vehicle fleet operations
  • Flexible piloting, sea-side control, and 3rd party navigation support


Speed 1kt to 3kts
max. Depth 15 m
Solar Energy Storage up to 156W
Communication GPS, Cell, Satellite
Weight 90 kg


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Liquid Robotics

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