XL-MICO Robot: Mobile Manipulator Robot


The Summit XL robot, either in its standard or Mecanum wheel configuration, is the base that supports the robotic arm MICO². Kinova robotic arms are a perfect solution for the integration in our mobile platforms. This arm contributes to the manipulator a number of notable features: A lightweight arm of 6 DOF that can be configured with two or three fingers. The arm has a unique design with a static appearance and is made of carbon fiber materials. This manipulator is designed for harsh, hazardous or research environments.


Dimension 602x592x1270 mm
Weight 50 kg
Payload 2.1 kg
Speed 3 m/s


  • Country: Spain 
  • Company: Robotnik

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Juan Fernando 21:55 - 2019/07/30
Good morning,
I’d like to know the price of the robotic mobile base without the camera and robotic arm, just the mobile base
Thank you so much
Reply: Hi dear Juan
We have no information about price of this robot
best wishes to you
CFP Robotic Group
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