Hospi Robot: Autonomous Delivery Robot


Panasonic’s indoor delivery robot, HOSPI, will start work at its new job tomorrow: Helping guests at a hotel in Japan, where the robot will serve bottled water and announce the bus schedule in the lobby.

The robot will be working at the Crown Plaza Ana Narita Hotel from Saturday, Jan. 14, to Wednesday, Jan. 18. After that, HOSPI will start a new job at the Narita International Airport, the main international airport serving Tokyo, where it will work for five days later this month (Jan. 23-27). There, HOSPI will collect used dishware in the airport lounge. While these are only demonstrations to show that HOSPI is capable of serving customers in hospitality settings, the robot is actually already in use in hospitals throughout Japan, where it delivers medicines and supplies to patients and hospital staff.

HOSPI operates autonomously and doesn’t require a track or an operator to wheel it around the floor, using sensors and collision avoidance technology designed to prevent the hulking robot from crashing into walls or people or getting stuck in a corner.


Dimension (W×D×H) 630mm×725mm×1386mm
Weight 170 kg
Operation Duration 9 hr
Charging Time 4.5 hr
Load Capacity max. 20 kg


  • Country: Japan 
  • Company: Panasonic

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