Automower 315X Robot: Smart Robotic Lawn Mower


Automower 315X Robot, Automower 315X

Automower 315X Robot is a sleek-looking machine. Its two-tone plastic shroud with slim headlights and stylish wheels make it look more like an exotic race car than a lawn mower. It measures 9.8 by 20.0 by 24.8 inches (HWD), weighs 22.2 pounds, and is designed for lawns of up to 0.4 acres. Husqvarna offers seven different models for smaller (up to 0.25 acres) and larger (up to 1.25 acres) lawns, ranging in price from $1,499.95 to $3,499.95.


  • Navigates lawns of any complexity – even yards with obstacles and slopes
  • Mows both day and night – and even in nasty weather
  • Remains discreet and silent at all times
  • Works safely around pets and children
  • Resists theft with a built-in alarm
Weight 8.98 kg
Battery Charge 60 min
Battery Type Li-Ion
Noise 56 dB
Cutting Height 0.8 in – 2.4 in


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Husqvarna

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