Sally Robot: Making Salad Robot


Sally will make you the most perfectly proportioned salad you’ve ever eaten: through science. Sally is a green-and-brown robot, a brand-new creation from Chowbotics Inc. (that’s a real name) and a major new player in a potential multi-billion market for food-service robots. Sally occupies about the same amount of space as a dorm room refrigerator, and uses 21 different ingredients—including romaine, kale, seared chicken breast, Parmesan, California walnuts, cherry tomatoes, and Kalamata olives—to craft more than a thousand types of salad in about 60 seconds, while the customer watches the process. The machine weighs in at 350 pounds, making it more appropriate for industrial settings than for home kitchens at the moment. “Sally will be going on a diet,” said its creator, Deepak Sekar, 35, founder of Chowbotics Inc., looking into his and Sally’s future.


Dimension 30x30 inch
Weight 158.7 kg
Container (Count) 21
Delivery Time Up to 1 min


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: Chowbotics

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Mahdi 21:57 - 2017/06/17
اقا خیلی ربات باحالی من رستوران دارم خودم. برام خیلی جالب بودش کاشکی قیمتشو میزدین چنده؟
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