VGo Robot: Telepresence Robot


The VGo telepresence robot, produced by VGo Communications, is an elegant looking robot with far more than simply the basic features that are common amongst telepresence robots.  The VGo features a 6-inch LCD screen which is great for displaying a face. It can easily drive over rugs, thresholds, and other changes in flooring, and even has headlights to help with visibility and attracting attention.  In classroom settings students have used this to replicate raising their hand to get the teacher's attention.  The VGo includes other unique features such as a high-resolution camera, zoom features, text-to-voice, and a tiltable head.  An automatic docking feature is available when the VGo robot is within 10 meters (about 11 yards) and can see the charger, that point a notification appears which you can press to send the VGo to charge.  Additionally, if the VGo is bumped from the charger, it will automatically reconnect. VGo encourages PC use, but the VGo robot can be controlled via tablet, too.  The VGo can be driven from a Windows or Mac PC, iPhone or iPad, or Windows tablets.  Recommended tablets include the Apple iPad or iPad Mini with a front-facing camera (2nd generation or later), and the iPhone 5 S or better, the Samsung Series 7 and the Microsoft Surface Pro (but the Surface RT will not work) and tablets with Intel i5 or i7 chips.  You can download the VGo driving app for both Windows or Mac on VGo's website while you can download the app for iPad and iPhone in the Apple Store.  VGo plans to add functionality for Android devices.  Broadband internet connection speeds of 1.5MBps upload are recommended while 768KBps is the minimum requirement. 


Dimension 15x15x48 inch
Weight 4.53 kg
Height 1.52 m
Display 6 inch
Operation Time 6 hr
Connectivity WiFi


  • Country: USA 
  • Company: VGo Communications

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