Vortex Robot: Robotic Toy

Vortex , a programmable robot designed for kids. Vortex is based on Arduino which allow it compatible with most Arduino programming language such as Scratch, Arduino IDE. If you are not familiar with Arduino, we have a visual programming APP named "WhenDo" to get started with. Vortex has 32 eye expressions and unlimited light effects, it has build-in mp3 player and allow you upload your own voice and mp3 files. Customize a vortex with personal eyes expressions and appearance is done by your mobile phone. Vortex is a revolutionary product for kids. It is a smart and responsive robot that kids can play with and program. Using the Vortex and apps, kids can play different games, learn about robotics, and even create their own. Take Vortex out of the box, pair it to smartphones (iOS & Android) via Bluetooth, and it is ready to run. The inbuilt computer and sensors keeps Vortex moving around, letting you maneuver it by simply tapping the screen, and interacting with various commands and game objects. Vortex features four pre-installed games: Bumping Fight; Virtual Golf, Driving, and Robot Soccer, all designed to be fun and intuitive to play. You can play against other people or the AI.


Dimension 120×120×64 mm
Weight 260 gr
Operation time 40-90 min
Sensors (count) 10
CPU Atmega 328


  • Country: China 
  • Company: DFRobot

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