Lea Robot: Smart Assistant Robot


Lea Robot is an assistant that will support you at any time of the day, literally and figuratively. When walking she gives you support and stability, she helps with the daily exercises and is even an energetic dance partner. In addition, she encourages contact with family and friends, and with her functionalities she makes it possible for someone, without compromise, “to take a day off”.

  • Help in moving around;
  • Avoiding obstacles;
  • Connecting with the alarm center;
  • Fall detection;
  • Help with bathroom visits;
  • Reminders for daily activities;
  • Logging activity levels;
  • Making reports (when privacy settings allow);
  • Fitness exercises;
  • Dancing (i.e. slow foxtrot and waltz);
  • Picking up and bringing objects;
  • Basic audio/video communication with carers, family and friends.


  • Country: Netherlands 
  • Company: Robot Care Systems

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