Hicat Livera Robot: Smart Education Robot


Hicat Livera Robot, you can use to teach your kids basics of programming. The HICAT Livera Robot Kit is easy to build and program. It comes with WiFi control and open source components. The Livera Robot has a 720p HD camera and can follow lines and sense colors. The kit consists of a board, motor driver, camera module, acrylic panels, wheels, and everything you need to get started. Costs under $100 at this time.


  • 720hd video and photo capturing & openCV enabled image processing
  • Image capturing and data recording onto the onboard SD card
  • Mobile observation and manipulation from our custom apps (web-based and native)
  • Visual enabled line follower, color sensing.
  • Small size easy to build
  • Pre-installed program with no software set up cost
  • Low battery consumption
  • Wi-Fi enabled wireless control
  • Programmable and open source.


  • Country: China 
  • Company: Hicat Electronics

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