International Conference on integrated Formal Methods iFM 2019


iFM 2019, iFM

Robotic Events (َiFM 2019)International Conference on integrated Formal Methods iFM 2019 solicits high quality papers reporting research results and/or experience reports related to the overall theme of formal method integration.

Scope (iFM 2019)

  • Formal and semi-formal modelling notations
  • Combining formal methods
  • Integration of formal methods into software engineering practice
  • Program verification, model checking, and static analysis
  • Runtime analysis, monitoring, and testing
  • Program synthesis
  • Analysis and synthesis of hybrid, embedded, probabilistic, distributed, or concurrent systems
  • Model learning
  • Theorem proving, decision procedures, SAT and SMT solving


  • 04, 08 Dec 2019


  • Bergen, Norway 


Keywords:  robotic, robotic event, iFM 2019

Ibrahim MDAHOMA 14:47 - 2019/11/21
is to participate to the international conference from 04 to 08 dec .2019 in Bergen ,norway
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