4th Annual Workshop on Cyber Resilience Technologies, Economics and Strategy CRE 2019


CRE 2019, CRE

Robotic Events (َCRE 2019)4th Annual Workshop on Cyber Resilience Technologies, Economics and Strategy CRE 2019, A combination of cyber technological feasibility and economic viability drives many of the decisions related to cyber-security by both the defenders and attackers. In this context, technological feasibility is defined as any cyber resiliency technology that has the potential to be developed, fielded, and operationally controlled.

Topics (CRE 2019)

  • National and Organizational cyber resiliency strategies and policies related to the development, deployment and use of cyber resiliency technologies
  • Technologies to achieve Cyber resilience
  • Benefits and weaknesses of cyber resiliency technologies
  • Foundations of asymmetric cyber advantage
  • Integrated analyses of cyber resiliency & asymmetry with cyber environments
  • Metrics, measurements, and economics of cyber resiliency & asymmetry
  • Barriers to the implementation of cyber resiliency technologies
  • Defining practical cyber resiliency
  • Technical & architectural approaches to gaining asymmetric advantage
  • Relationship between resiliency and security
  • Adversary economics: assessing the impact of defender capabilities and actions to the attacker
  • Frameworks for ROI analysis (cost, risk, benefit) to guide technology investment (research, development, and utilization)
  • Cyber-resiliency related tools that are guided by economic factors for defender and/or adversary
  • Use cases or case studies for defender and/or adversary that include economic factors


  • 22, 26 Jul 2019


  • Sofia, Bulgaria

Keywords:  robotic, robotic event, cre 2019

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