11th International Conference on Wireless & Mobile Network WiMo 2019


WiMo 2019, WiMo

Robotic Events (َWiMo 2019)11th International Conference on Wireless & Mobile Network WiMo 2019 is dedicated to address the challenges in the areas of wireless & mobile networks. The Conference looks for significant contributions to the Wireless and Mobile computing in theoretical and practical aspects. The Wireless and Mobile computing domain emerges from the integration among personal computing, networks, communication technologies, cellular technology and the Internet Technology. The modern applications are emerging in the area of mobile ad hoc networks and sensor networks. This Conference is intended to cover contributions in both the design and analysis in the context of mobile, wireless, ad-hoc, and sensor networks. The goal of this Conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on advanced wireless and Mobile computing concepts and establishing new collaborations in these areas.

Topics (WiMo 2019)

  • Wireless, Mobile Networks & Applications 
  • Algorithms and Modeling for Tracking and Locating Mobile Users 
  • Architectures, Protocols, and Algorithms to Cope with Mobile & Wireless Networks 
  • Broadband Access Networks 
  • Complexity Analysis of Algorithms for Mobile Environments 
  • Cryptography, Security and Privacy of Mobile & Wireless Networks 
  • Data Management on Mobile and Wireless Computing 
  • Distributed Algorithms of Mobile Computing 
  • Energy Saving Protocols for Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks 
  • Information Access in Wireless Networks 
  • Integration of Wired and Wireless Networks 
  • Integration of Wired and Wireless Systems 
  • Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks 
  • Mobile Applications, Location-Dependent and Sensitive Applications 
  • Nomadic Computing, Applications and Services Supporting the Mobile User 
  • OS and Middleware Support for Mobile Computing and Networking 
  • Performance of Mobile and Wireless Networks and Systems 
  • Recent Trends in Mobile and Wireless Applications 
  • Resource Management in Mobile, Wireless and Ad-Hoc Networks 
  • Routing, and Communication Primitives in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks 
  • Satellite Communications 
  • Service Creation and Management Environments for Mobile/Wireless Systems 
  • Synchronization and Scheduling Issues in Mobile and Ad Hoc Networks 
  • Wireless & Mobile Issues Related to OS 
  • Wireless Multimedia Systems 
  • Ubiquitous Computing 


  • 30, 31 Mar 2019


  • Zurich, Switzerland 


Keywords:  robotic, robotic event, WiMo 2019

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