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Shahid Beheshti University was founded as the National University of Iran in 1959 by Ali Sheikholislam, the first private university in Iran. The university was planned to be devoted to graduate studies. At its opening, it consisted of two schools: Architecture and Urban Planning, and Banking and Economics, with 174 students. Soon the School of Literature and Foreign Languages began in downtown Tehran. The first graduate academic degree program was the Master's course in the School of Architecture, launched in 1961. In 1962, a new main campus was built in Evin, a suburb in the north of Tehran. Academic offerings expanded as facilities were added. The first PhD course was offered in the School of Economics in 1991. Under royal auspices, the university library began to acquire important collections in the field of Oriental studies and literary classics in French and German. During that period, the university library ranked in importance second in the country only to Aryamehr (later Sharif) University of Technology. In spring 2013, Power and Water University of Technology (PWUT) was merged into Shahid Beheshti University.

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