Noodlebot Robot: Noodle-Making Robot


Noodblebot burst onto the scene back in 2012, but we just discovered him and we couldn't resist sharing. Noodlebot is cheap, uncomplicated, and according to some restaurant owners, actually "better than human chefs." He cuts a specific kind of noodle called dao xiao mian, or "knife cut noodles," according to a CNN post from 2012. Traditionally, a chef makes and kneads the wheat-based dough by hand, then holds the dough in one hand and cuts with the other. The stationary robot works much in the same way, but it's faster and more accurate. According to CNN, Noodlebot can slice 150 pieces of noodles a minute, and can be programmed to cut noodles of different widths and lengths. Noodlebot's knife-wielding arm works like a windshield wiper — slicing noodles in an up and down motion. The cut noodles fire directly into the work.


  • Country: China 
  • Company: Cui Runguan

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