Robotic News:

07:13 - 2018/02/04

Armar-6 Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

The ARMAR-6 has a humanoid torso, head, and arms, and moves about on a wheeled base. It uses cameras to locate and grasp objects, which it can pass to human engineers working in Ocado’s warehouses. The company uses trolley bots, robot scanners, and more to shift produce around its facilities in the UK, and is now trying to export its technology to other retailers. Last year, it landed a significant deal to outfit warehouses for French supermarket operator Groupe Casino.
07:16 - 2018/02/03

MilliDelta Robot: Smart Surgeon Robot

MilliDelta Robot is another tiny robot is gearing up to join the ranks of microsurgeons, but this one is small enough to fit in your coin purse. Inspired by pop-up books and origami, the milliDelta bot measures mere millimetres when unfolded (roughly the size of a one cent coin). But, even at that scale, the miniature helper packs flexible joints and bending, piezoelectric actuators that allow it to work with force, precision, and high speed.
07:36 - 2018/01/30

Xaver Robot: Smart Agricultural Robot

Xaver uses small robots operating in swarms and a cloud-based solution to plan, monitor and accurately document precise planting of corn. Satellite navigation and data management in the cloud allows operations to be conducted round the clock, with permanent access to all data.
07:37 - 2018/01/29

Flex System Robot: Smart Medical Robot

The Flex Robotic System gives physicians the ability to access anatomical locations that were previously difficult or impossible to reach minimally invasively. And because it is affordable and efficient, the Flex Robotic System allows hospitals to expand the patient population that they serve and improve the productivity of their facilities.
07:25 - 2018/01/28

H-bots Robot: Smart Police Robot

H-Bots Robotics, Hyderabad-based robotics technology company has launched the world’s first smart policing robot. The beta version robot developed by the company is fully ‘Made in India’, using all the components sourced from within the country. The 5.7 ft robot that weighs 43 kg can move, recognise people, take complaints, detect bombs, identify suspects, interact with people and answer to queries.
07:27 - 2018/01/27

FiFish P3 Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

FIFISH P3 robotis an underwater robot with powerful engines, leakproof structure, and 4K camera that lets you explore any body of water. The FIFISH P3 robot has 4000 lumens LED lights with 8 adjustable levels. Its camera has a 162-degree field of view.
07:24 - 2018/01/25

ACM-R5H Robot: Smart Snake Robot

ACM-R5H robot is an amphibious snake robot with a sealed body that can move over rough terrain and dive underwater to perform inspection missions. The robot has modules with battery pack and 2 DOF. There is also camera in the head module with wireless streaming option.
07:04 - 2018/01/24

3E-A18 Robot: Smart Service Robot

The 3E-A18 is a communication robot concept developed with “empathy” as its theme, to have compassion toward and blend in with people’s lives. Equipped with CI, the 3E-A18 supports people’s activities through recognizing emotions, and communicating with rich facial expressions, sound, and movement.
07:10 - 2018/01/23

3E-B18 Robot: Smart Service Robot

The 3E-B18 is a platform mobility device designed upon the concept to “empower,” to support everyday activities, and mobility right up to the desired destination. Its compact size and functionality to maintain a level seat even on an incline allow the 3E-B18 to be used as seated personal mobility, and with replacement upper attachments, be used in a variety of situations such as carrying infants or baggage.
07:16 - 2018/01/22

3E-C18 Robot: Smart Service Robot

The 3E-C18 is an AI-equipped robotic device designed to “experience” and grow together with people. By interacting with people, the 3E-C18 learns, and grows to be more useful to people. Replacement upper attachments allow the 3E-C18 to act as a platform for product sales and mobile advertising.