Robotic News:

09:44 - 2017/12/21

Amy Robot: Smart Service Robot

Amy Robot can understand speech and make conversation with people in noisy environment, recognize specific people and say hello to him/her, follow a person in front of her with command “Hello Amy, follow me” and move to a place autonomously by saying “Hello Amy, go to the kitchen with me” to her and more. She can perform a surprisingly wide variety of tasks.
08:04 - 2017/12/20

Liam Robot: Smart Apple Robot

Liam Robot is a large-scale robot, with 29 freestanding robotic arms at various skill stations. But while most assembly-line robots help put together products you'll one day hold in your hands, Liam is hard at work disassembling your ruined, returned iPhones.
07:17 - 2017/12/19

Roomba Robot: Smart Cleaner Robot

Roomba is a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot. Introduced in September 2002, Roomba features a set of sensors that enable it to perform its tasks. For instance, the Roomba is able to change direction upon encountering obstacles, to detect dirty spots on the floor, and to sense steep drops to keep it from falling down stairs.
07:28 - 2017/12/18

Hull Bug Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

The Hull BUG has four wheels, and attaches itself to the underside of ships using a negative pressure device that creates a vortex between the BUG and the hull. Much like a robotic vacuum cleaner, lawnmower or floor cleaner, the idea is that once it’s put in place, it can set about getting the job done without any outside control.
07:31 - 2017/12/17

Ripsaw Robot: Smart Military Robot

The Ripsaw Robot is a developmental unmanned light tank designed and built by Howe & Howe Technologies for evaluation by the United States Army. The Howe brothers started the Ripsaw as a small family project in 2000. They introduced it at a Dallas vehicle show in 2001, where it caught the interest of the U.S. Army. Later that year the U.S. Military ordered a prototype MS-1 to be made and shipped to Iraq.
07:23 - 2017/12/16

KRex Robot: Smart Astronaut Robot

NASA’s KRex is a prototype planetary rover designed for rough terrain. It’s undergoing development and testing for a targeted lunar mission as early as 2018. KREX will be equipped with specialized prospecting instruments to help with the science. The rover includes a camera and lamp underneath the rover so scientists can collect data and see the soil.
07:57 - 2017/12/14

Packbot Robot: Smart Tracked Robot

PackBot is a multi-mission tactical mobile robot developed and manufactured by iRobot. It is designed for use by war-fighters and first responders to carry out dangerous missions in high-threat battlefield scenarios. PackBot can perform surveillance and reconnaissance, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) detection, building and route clearance, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), HazMat handling.
07:32 - 2017/12/13

Guardium Robot: Smart Military Robot

Guardium is equipped all around with sufficient amount of armor to protect itself in light fire attacks and against multiple enemies. The vehicle is 2.95 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and 2.2 meters high. It is considered to be a medium-sized combat vehicle, about the size of a Jeep J8;
07:20 - 2017/12/12

MARCbot Robot: Smart Military Robot

The MARCbot is one of smallest and most commonly used robots in Iraq and looks like a small toy truck with an elevated mast on which a camera is mounted. This camera is used to look, for example, behind doors or through windows without placing human soldiers in danger. It is capable of running for 6 hours on a set of fully charged batteries and was developed with the input of soldiers in Iraq to meet their needs.
07:36 - 2017/12/11

Guardbot Robot: Smart Spherical Robot

GuardBot is actually a spherical, amphibious robot with many potential uses for broadcasting, reconnaissance, or security. GuardBot was developed by a Connecticut-based company of the same name. Though it began as a potential bot for missions to Mars, it is now being tested by the United States military to possibly assist in future patrolling duties.