Robotic News:

07:37 - 2018/01/02

HeartLander Robot: Smart Micro Robot

HeartLander is a miniature mobile robot designed to facilitate minimally invasive therapy to the surface of the beating heart. Under physician control, the robot enters the chest through an incision below the sternum, adheres to the epicardial surface of the heart, autonomously navigates to the specified location, and administers the therapy.
07:09 - 2018/01/01

MASCE Robot: Smart Nano Robot

While pill sized capsule endoscopes are increasingly used as wireless imaging devices for diagnosing diseases in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, they are limited to passive imaging or sensing applications only. Therefore, many researchers have been proposing active robotic capsule endoscopes that can be position controlled to enable active imaging of the GI tract and enable new advanced diagnostic or therapeutic functions such as drug delivery, in situ tissue property measurements, biopsy, and cauterization.
07:39 - 2017/12/31

Neocortex Robot: Smart Robotic Arm

Neocortex AI enables smart flexible automated solutions. It is part of our software platform Spatial Vision. Together they handle sensor connection, calibration, PLC & robot communication, path planning, obstacle avoidance, vision guidance, inspection, database management, and learning. The platform provides automation where currently labor is required.
07:39 - 2017/12/30

Temi Robot: Smart Four-Wheeled Robot

The actual robot, Temi, stands 3 feet tall and rolls on four small wheels. It has a 10-inch tablet for a head and a thin, curved body on top of a base that looks like an industrial vacuum. It can roll around for eight hours on battery power, and connects over Wi-Fi, LTE, and Bluetooth. It doesn't have eyes or look human, like Pepper and Kuri and other robots. Temi looks more like a portable massage station, or one of those rolling standing desks.
10:41 - 2017/12/28

RS26 Robot: Smart Cleaner Robot

RS26 Robot has Vision-based A.I., Capable of navigating complex environments, Intuitive User Interface, Simple operator setup and use, Transforming brand-name equipment, Ensures the performance you trust is.
07:56 - 2017/12/27

Xiaofa Robot: Smart Service Robot

Xiaofa Robot can move its head and wave its hands as instructions show up on screen, and it can guide people to the exact service window for litigation services. The appearance of Xiaofa was a big move for the Beijing court, as the capital works to build a "smart" court system. Over 40,000 litigation questions and 30,000 legal issues can be answered by the robot, according to the court.
06:48 - 2017/12/26

MantaDroid Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

“MantaDroid” may sound like the name of a villain from a ’90s-era Saturday morning cartoon like Street Sharks, but it’s actually the latest cutting-edge piece of robotics research from the National University of Singapore. A manta ray-inspired swimming robot, MantaDroid is able to “fly” smoothly and speedily through the water, while showing off an impressive level of agility in the process.
06:54 - 2017/12/25

JumpRoach Robot: Smart Beetle Robot

JumpRoach Robot can leap a little more than five feet high, which is impressive for its about 2 ounce size. It uses a Dash Robotics body, which houses a DC motor, eight latex bands, and a diamond-shaped contraption that has two joints. After it reaches its jumping destination, the roach then uses its shell to right itself so it’s ready to leap again.
07:40 - 2017/12/24

TeleRetail Robot: Smart Delivery Robot

TeleRetail is developing driverless delivery vehicles, and for thyssenkrupp Elevator they could be an optimal logistics solution for elevator servicing. Together with the software developer TeleRetail, thyssenkrupp launched a pilot project in which delivery robots will transport spare parts and other material to maintenance job sites.
08:36 - 2017/12/23

Nerekhta Robot: Smart Military Robot

A battlefield is a terrible place for a person. War, as a profoundly human endeavor, requires humans, and there is no way around fighting most wars without, at some point, putting humans on the ground. In the future and, increasingly, the present, those humans will be accompanied by robots, often remotely guided machines carrying some share of the burden of the fight.