Robotic News:

07:26 - 2017/10/21

BeatBot Robot: Tiny Racing Robot

The device was created by Puma's advertising agency, J. Walter Thompson New York, with some help from a NASA robotics engineer and a group of MIT students. Looking not unlike a miniature Zamboni, it's equipped with nine downward-facing infrared sensors that can track straight or curved lines on the ground.
07:37 - 2017/10/19

Shimon Robot: Musician Four-Armed Robot

Shimon, the robotic marimba player, can listen to, understand, collaborate with, and surprise his human counterparts. Along with a few other robotic musicians and musical cyborgs developed by Georgia Tech’s Robotic Musicianship group, Shimon uses artificial intelligence and creativity algorithms to push musical experiences and outcomes to uncharted domains.
06:59 - 2017/10/18

Blossom Robot: Family-Friendly robot

Blossom is supposed to be a family-friendly robot. Its soft, knitted outside and wooden ears are supposed to make kids feel comfortable. Blossom is synonymous with flowers, which are beautiful, but I don't think Blossom is beautiful.
08:14 - 2017/10/17

Qoobo Robot: Headless Robotic Cat

Qoobo Robot a soft, round cushion with a robotic tail that reacts to strokes, just as a loving pet would. “Tails: a communication tool that doesn’t require words,” the demo video begins. It goes on to show everyone who might find peace with the “cushion-tailed therapy robot”: young people living alone in immaculate apartments, children, the elderly. The process to healing is easy: just give it a good pat and watch the cushion’s tail wag softly in response. It’ll also wag and curl the tail on its own, via an accelerometer in the pillow.
08:22 - 2017/10/16

CarriRo Robot: Autonomous Delivery Robot

In the future, robots will deliver our things autonomously. A bunch of companies are already working on the idea. This video from the Japan Times covers CarriRo Delivery by ZMP. It is a home delivery robot that recognizes its surrounding environment and delivers boxes to its destination.
07:38 - 2017/10/15

ROSbot Robot: Smart Four-Wheeled Robot

ROSbot, A robot with LiDAR, designed to learn and develop ROS projects, with a dedicated tutorial available. A good base for adding extensions (sensors, grippers etc.) thanks to many interfaces available on the rear panel. you can build with a digital camera, laser scanner, CORE2 board, DC motors, orientation sensor, and a few other components. The chassis is laser-cut from 2mm thick aluminum plates.
08:59 - 2017/10/14

J-deite RIDE Robot: Fully-Working Transformer Robot

In a move that will make many eighties children salivate, Japanese company Brave Robotics has created their very own transforming robot. The robot is the brainchild of Brave Robotics developer Kenji Ishida. He's spent eleven years designing the current model, one version at a time.
08:17 - 2017/10/12

Tartaruga Robot: Naro-Nautical Robot

naro - tartaruga shall provide first direct measurements on energy consumption for a flapping fin mechanism in robotics. A specialty hereby is the fully 3D mechanism. All actuators, three for each fin, are in the same, waterproof body but they all still actuate the fin axle independently. Common systems use serial actuation principles where one motor drives a box with another motor which again drives the fin.
07:31 - 2017/10/11

Robovie-X Robot: Biped Robot Kit

Robovie-X is the perfect robot for first time robotics builders."X" stands for fleXible which is based on the concept and also represents the flexibility available with the large range of optional accessories that allows you to eXpand your Robovie-X robot.The Robovie-X is the standard model and comes with seventeen degrees of freedom and features VS-S092J servos which have 9.2kg/cm of torque.
07:39 - 2017/10/10

Dash Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Dash is a real robot, charged and ready to play out of the box. Responding to voice, navigating objects, dancing, and singing, Dash is the robot you always dreamed of having. Use Wonder, Blockly, and other apps to create new behaviors for Dash — doing more with robotics than ever possible. No books or camps needed!