Robotic News:

09:02 - 2018/09/02

DyRET Robot: Smart Military Robot

DyRET Robot is a quadruped robot platform designed for experiments in embodied and real-world evolutionary computing. It has legs that extend in two places so that the body-shape of the robot can be changed automatically. DyRET is primarily used for experiments in evolution of walking gaits for a quadruped robot. In our experiments the gait movement is evolved simultaneously with the leg-length of the robot.
08:28 - 2018/09/01

QTrobot Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

QTrobot that could aid in the development of autistic children. The robot can help both parents and therapists with autistic children who feel uncomfortable with human contact. The QTrobot is equipped with robotic arms and an LCD face. The findings of the study about the robot will be presented during this year's RO-MAN conference, a symposium that focuses on human and robot interactive communication at the end of August.
07:27 - 2018/08/29

FRAnny Robot: Smart Social Robot

FRAnny Robot is a social robot that is being used at Frankfurt Airport to guide passengers. It can answer questions in multiple languages. The robot is smart enough to provide info on gates, flight information, and ways to get around the airport.
08:15 - 2018/08/28

Scribit Robot: Smart Painter Robot

Scribit robot is a “writing robot” which draws images and text on any wall surface, turning office, living, and bathroom walls into a blank canvas for artistic expression. Using in-built engines, Scribit can draw, cancel, and re-draw new content an infinite number of times, allowing users to print different images, messages, or feeds every day.
08:32 - 2018/08/27

RoboFly Robot: Smart Insect Robot

RoboFly Robot is an insect-sized robot that flies by flapping its wings. Unfortunately, though, it has to be hard-wired to a power source. Well, one of RoboBee's creators has now helped develop RoboFly, which flies without a tether. Slightly heavier than a toothpick, RoboFly was designed by a team at the University of Washington – one member of that team, assistant professor Sawyer Fuller, was also part of the Harvard University team that first created RoboBee.
08:12 - 2018/08/26

Shelly Robot: Turtle-like Robot

Shelly Robot reacts to touches and smacks. When it gets scared it changes color and retracts into its shell. Children learn that if they hit Shelly she will be upset and the only thing missing is a set of bitey jaws. “When Shelly stops its interaction due to a child’s abusive behavior, the others in the group who wanted to keep playing with Shelly often complained about it, eventually restraining each other’s abusive behavior,” Naver Labs’ Jason J. Choi told IEEE.
09:16 - 2018/08/25

Igorek Robot: Smart Killer Robot

Igorek Robot was revealed to the public in Moscow on Monday at the ARMY Forum, the “world’s leading exhibition of arms and military equipment, the authoritative platform for discussing innovative ideas and developments for the armed forces”. Igorek is a manned robot, so some lucky operative gets to sit up in the top deck although currently, it is immobile, which is a bit of an issue for a robot.
09:19 - 2018/08/21

Chameleon robot: Smart Toy Robot

Robo Chameleon has a tongue that can be controlled using a remote control. It also has rotating eyes and changing light effects. The tongue has magnets, so it can capture metal food items. This great remote control character has a 3 step challenge to collect his food - move, aim and shoot its tongue out and snap up the bugs! He stores his food in his mouth, ready for the next game!
08:47 - 2018/08/20

Olivia Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

Olivia's head has a pair of stereoscopic camera eyes and it can rotate and also tilt up or down. It appears to float over a ring of light, a design that reminds me of EVE, the little flying bot from WALL-E. A third camera, on the robot's forehead, can zoom in on the speaker's face. Olivia uses software to detect lip movements and determine if a person is speaking to her.
08:04 - 2018/08/19

Rico Robot: Smart Home Robot

The Rico home robot has been specifically designed to utilise the processing power of older smartphones and transform them into smart home robot security devices and personal assistants. Check out the video after the jump to see the new Rico smart robots in action. It seems that new smartphones are launched nearly every month by one company or another tempting us to upgrade from our existing smartphone to a new device with a multitude of enhanced features and applications that we just can’t live without on a daily basis.