Robotic News:

07:38 - 2018/05/13

Daisy Robot: iPhone-Recycling Robot

Daisy was created with some of Liam’s old parts, making it a recycled robot that helps recycle iPhones. Daisy is capable of taking apart nine different versions of the iPhone, and it can disassemble up to 200 iPhones an hour. It also separates parts and removes certain components as it goes. Along with Daisy, Apple has also announced a temporary program called GiveBack, where customers can turn in devices in store or through to be recycled.
07:18 - 2018/05/12

Hygrobot Robot: Smart Micro Robot

This "hygrobot" looks like a table with asymmetric legs. When placed on moist filter paper, the top of the table slowly absorbs moisture from the air and curls up, dragging the rear leg forward. As the top of the robot bends, it is exposed to the drier air higher above the wet surface, which causes the robot to lose some of its previously absorbed moisture and return to its original shape, this time pushing the front leg forward.
07:16 - 2018/05/09

LoweBot Robot: Smart Service Robot

LoweBot, a NAVi autonomous retail service robot by Fellow Robots, in 11 Lowe's stores throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Following a successful robotics test of OSHbot at one of the company's Orchard Supply Hardware stores, LoweBot will roll out in phases over a seven-month period beginning in September in San Jose, Calif., and will further explore how robots can meet the needs of both customers and employees.
07:23 - 2018/05/08

Adept Lynx Robot: Smart Service Robot

Adept Lynx is an Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle that can do path planning automatically. Lynx doesn't need magnetic floor or guiding mark, with Adept software package , it can drive in crowded environments with obstacle or people and compensate the shortage of traditional AGV. Ideal using environment for Lynx: Semiconductor, Solar, F&B, logistics industry.
07:22 - 2018/05/07

Robo-Pong 2055 Robot: Table Tennis Robot

Practicing table tennis on your own is going to be easier when you have a robot to keep you busy. The Robo-Pong 2055 can help. It has adjustable ball speed, placement, and frequency. It comes with 64 drills to train strokes, footwork, and transitions. The RP.2.PC software lets you create and share custom drills via USB.
07:20 - 2018/05/06

Lea Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

Lea Robot is an assistant that will support you at any time of the day, literally and figuratively. When walking she gives you support and stability, she helps with the daily exercises and is even an energetic dance partner. In addition, she encourages contact with family and friends, and with her functionalities she makes it possible for someone, without compromise, “to take a day off”.
06:48 - 2018/05/05

S17-Y777 Robot: Smart Service Robot

S17-Y777 – is an autonomous service robot for business. It is designed to work in places of increased concentration of people, in which it helps people with navigation, autonomously moves, communicates and answers any questions, shows promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom it had to communicate.
07:44 - 2018/05/01

Allec Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

Allec Robot can use for underwater exploration. Allec is ready for lakes, ponds, and water tanks. It can be controlled through a wire or wirelessly. The robot can work alone or collaborate with others. It uses computer vision to recognize underwater objects. Allec will come equipped with a 1080p camera. It has detachable fins for additional modules. You can control the robot from your PC or iOS/Android device. Allec has powerful LED lights and comes ready for AI programming.
07:22 - 2018/04/30

Somnox Robot: Helps You Sleep Better

Somnox Robot is a smart tool that helps you sleep better at night. You will be able to feel it breathe, adjusting your own breathing rate subconsciously to relax. Somnox also has soothing audio. The mobile app allows you to customize your experience. You simply have to hug the robot to start seeing results. Once you push the start button, the robot starts breathing and plays sounds.
07:36 - 2018/04/29

Geio Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Geio Robot is a first person shooter battle bot with visual recognition system that lets you engage in battles with your friends. GEIO can rotate 360-degrees and move 2 meters in one second. It has multiple game modes, including Scavenger Hunt Race, Speed Race, and Attack & Defense modes.