Robotic News:

08:08 - 2017/11/04

Rovable Robot: Miniature On-Body Robot

Rovable Robot that’ll travel over clothes. The little bots have magnetic wheels on either side of a garment that keep them anchored and moving, as well as a 100mAh battery, micro-controller, and a small antenna so they can communicate with the computer directing them. They’re also relatively autonomous, so they can direct themselves back to their home base for wireless charging.
07:56 - 2017/11/02

PaPeRo Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

The PaPeRo has been researched and developed with the intention of its being a partner with human beings and its being able to live together with them.For this reason, it has various basic functions for the purpose of interacting with people.Here we introduce the essential elements and functions needed for that interaction.
07:29 - 2017/11/01

Hector Robot: Smart Six-Wheeled Robot

Hector, the stick insect-inspired robot built by a research team at Bielefeld University in Germany that we first covered in 2011, could be forgiven for feeling lonely as the only one of its kind in world, but has lately been too busy learning to walk to worry on its unique status. It is hoped that Hector, which stands for Hexapod Cognitive autonomously Operating Robot, will benefit not only roboticists but also biologists interested in animal movement.
07:41 - 2017/10/31

DRU Robot: A Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Robot

DRU Robot has been in development for the last eight months. The pizza company teamed up with Aussie startup Marathon Robotics to build the delivery droid, which, besides transporting pizza and drinks (in separate hot and cold compartments), can also accept payments and chat with customers.
08:06 - 2017/10/30

Andbot Robot: Smart Home Robot

Andbot is a personal robot with sensors to serve as your personal assistant. It comes with full-range hand and arm motions and person recognition. The robot has sensors to catch smoke, gas, and fire accidents. It integrates with your smart home to control lighting, TV, and other devices.
07:11 - 2017/10/28

Moorebot Robot: Smart Home Robot

Moorebot Robot is itself a rip-off of the design of Jibo, an early "social robot for the home" that boasted an abstract single-eyeball that bounces, changes color, and scrunches itself up in a variety of ways to convey Pixar-like emotions. And even those robots that don't have just a single 'ball (I ran out of synonyms for "eyeball" pretty quickly) tend to focus on animated eyes as the central way of interacting with the robot.
07:31 - 2017/10/25

Eel Robot: Smart Modular Robot

This swimming eel-robot does not make me happy. Watching its long, black, mechanical body move underwater, its red eyes glowing, makes my nerves twitch. The discomfort is primal. I have every sense that it's a predator, snaking its way through murky depths to ensnare, suffocate, and digest me. My id fails to register that this is just a robot, designed to perform inspections and do simple maintenance on undersea equipment.
07:28 - 2017/10/24

Keecker Robot: Smart Home Robot

Keecker is a strangely named Android-based projector robot that can follow you around the house for entertainment purposes – although don’t expect it to be cheap. The device, shown around at CES 2014, is a project lead by Pierre Lebeau, a former product manager at Google. Keecker looks pretty much like a ball, or maybe like one of those smart vacuum robots that can clean the house while you’re away, although this one has other powers.
07:36 - 2017/10/23

Antbo Robot: An Insect Robot

Antbo takes only an hour to build but can last forever in your heart. The insect robot — which anyone with an "inquisitive mind" can put together — can follow a coded route, "play golf" on that path, and show emotion by trembling when it "feels threatened" or glancing around when it feels "inquisitive." It's the perfect pet for kids with allergies!
07:24 - 2017/10/22

MiP Robot: Self Balancing Robot

MiP is a robot with emotions and it wants to play with you. At least, that's what WowWee is trying to convince you of with the toy's many audio responses and interactive games. MiP (short for Mobile Inverted Pendulum) actively interacts with you while rolling around on its two rubber wheels. This lovable robotic buddy will move around, spin-dance to music, and express its own emotions with shouts and groans.