Robotic News:

07:21 - 2017/11/16

Versius Robot: Smart Surgical Robot

Versius was inspired by the human arm, with its remarkable dexterity, flexibility and reach. Enabled by what the business calls “a unique robotic wrist”, the CMR robot system is designed to combine the ability and dexterity of a surgeon with the benefits of robotics. CMR has filled more than 150 patents, a number which has been increasing on a weekly basis.
07:44 - 2017/11/15

Water Strider Robot: Smart Insect Robot

Based on the team's observations, striders can do all those thing perfectly thanks to the slightly curved tips of their legs. After figuring out what morphology and movements to copy, the group managed to build a robotic insect that uses a lightweight catapult mechanism. It can exert force equivalent to 16 times its body weight without breaking the water's surface and perform real strider-like jumps.
07:38 - 2017/11/14

Gomer Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Gomer Robot is a programmable robot with soft arm that can pick up and carry fragile objects and everything else. It has a camera and wheels, so you can program it to bring you a drink, remote, or anything else. Gomer’s adaptive soft gripper allows it to move various objects.
07:36 - 2017/11/13

Segway Robot: Advanced Personal Robot

Segway Robot is an adorable device which first debuted during CES. We were able to take a close look at it this week during Intel's Developer Forum in San Francisco, and while it's clearly a prototype (it doesn't even have an official name yet), it still has plenty of potential. Above, check out our interview with Sarah Zhang, senior director of robotics business operations at Ninebot and Segway, who dives into what makes this little bot so special.
07:32 - 2017/11/12

Aibo Robot: Smart Dog Robot

AIBO is able to connect wirelessly with other electronic devices, transferring photos, sound fi les and messages. Through sharing your memories, learning your likes, getting to know your environment, it will become in every way a truly unique individual. Entertaining and comforting you when you’re glad, sad or angry, reflecting a wide range of emotions through its lively LED-illuminated face, AIBO will become, in fact, your best friend.
07:14 - 2017/11/11

BeamPro Robot: Smart Service Robot

The BeamPro is being used in corporate, manufacturing, medical, and sales environments to increase productivity and reduce costs! Take advantage of a telepresence robot to conduct corporate training, have a commanding remote presence, conduct company tours, and meet with clients or fellow executives or employees.
07:02 - 2017/11/08

GardenSpace Robot: Smart Irrigation Robot

GardenSpace Robot is super easy to use. All you have to do is connect it to your water supply and your Wi-fi. The handy app is your garden command center. Plus, it’s solar powered, so you never have to worry about plugging it in or swapping its batteries. And, it’s also great for the environment.
06:54 - 2017/11/07

Thymio Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Thymio is a small robot which will allow you to discover the universe of robotics and learn a robot's language. You will be able to program it and carry out numerous experiments. With Thymio, the basics of robotics and programming become notions everyone can discover, whatever their age.
06:57 - 2017/11/06

Nexi Robot: Expressive Robot

Nexi Robot is an "expressive robot" developed at MIT, to conduct an innovative new study of the way humans interact. Seeking to analyze the effect of body language and facial expressions on trust, the scientists asked participants to engage in a conversation with Nexi — when speaking to some people, the robot would remain still, while with others it would mimic what are thought to be tell-tale signs of lying, such as leaning back or touching its face and hands.
07:21 - 2017/11/05

PostBot Robot: Smart Postman Robot

the little robot is being introduced to help the human deliverer by freeing up their hands. it can carry up to six post trays, relieving carriers of their heavy loads and making it easier for them to distribute the mail. deutsche post will be watching the pilot project carefully to see how well the robot supports staff with their physically demanding work.