Robotic News:

07:24 - 2018/01/25

ACM-R5H Robot: Smart Snake Robot

ACM-R5H robot is an amphibious snake robot with a sealed body that can move over rough terrain and dive underwater to perform inspection missions. The robot has modules with battery pack and 2 DOF. There is also camera in the head module with wireless streaming option.
07:04 - 2018/01/24

3E-A18 Robot: Smart Service Robot

The 3E-A18 is a communication robot concept developed with “empathy” as its theme, to have compassion toward and blend in with people’s lives. Equipped with CI, the 3E-A18 supports people’s activities through recognizing emotions, and communicating with rich facial expressions, sound, and movement.
07:10 - 2018/01/23

3E-B18 Robot: Smart Service Robot

The 3E-B18 is a platform mobility device designed upon the concept to “empower,” to support everyday activities, and mobility right up to the desired destination. Its compact size and functionality to maintain a level seat even on an incline allow the 3E-B18 to be used as seated personal mobility, and with replacement upper attachments, be used in a variety of situations such as carrying infants or baggage.
07:16 - 2018/01/22

3E-C18 Robot: Smart Service Robot

The 3E-C18 is an AI-equipped robotic device designed to “experience” and grow together with people. By interacting with people, the 3E-C18 learns, and grows to be more useful to people. Replacement upper attachments allow the 3E-C18 to act as a platform for product sales and mobile advertising.
07:12 - 2018/01/21

3E-D18 Robot: Smart Honda Robot

the ‘3E-D18’ is an autonomous off-road vehicle created to help people in a whole range of work activities. By replacing the upper attachment, the 3E-D18 can perform various tasks such as fire-fighting, farm work and sports training support. Its off-road capabilities allow autonomous operation on rugged terrain such as farms and mountains.
07:46 - 2018/01/20

Aeolus Robot: Smart Service Robot

Aeolus might have the answer. Last night at CES, I witnessed this chunky new wheeled robot from Aeolus Robotics pick up a can of Coke with its grabber arm, swing around, and hand it to me. Of course, beverage delivery isn’t all it’s designed to do. Aeolus is supposed to be a general household helper.
07:31 - 2018/01/18

NeoMano Robot: Smart Robotic Glove

NeoMano Robot is the glove connects to a rubber pad that can be controlled with an elbow or arm to activate grip and release motions. The mechanism itself is straightforward: Two wires run down the length of each finger and triggering the grip reels them in, allowing users to pick up objects as heavy as about 1kg.
07:38 - 2018/01/17

Loomo Robot: Smart Two-Wheeled Robot

Segway’s Loomo bot has a straightforward value proposition: you ride it like a hoverboard to the store, and then you hop off, load it up with cargo, and have it follow you home. Rideables are Segway’s bread and butter, and while I’ve never actually been on a mall cop-style Segway, I found Loomo vastly easier than any hoverboard I’ve attempted.
07:03 - 2018/01/16

Aflac Robot: Smart Duck Robot

Aflac Robot has five touch sensors along its cheeks, under the wings, and back. Kids can pet and snuggle with it, and the duck will cuddle back or cheerfully quack in response. It also comes with an accessory bag full of RFID tags. Kids can tap any one of the emoji discs to the duck’s chest to express how they’re feeling that day, and the duck will emulate it with a happy chirp or painful groan.
07:31 - 2018/01/15

MonsterBorg Robot: Smart Robotic Kit

The MonsterBorg can be programmed as a self-driving robot, used for education about self-driving systems, or raced around the garden as an RC off-roader. It also makes a great platform for hacking about with robots by adding extra sensors or servos. Features: Up to three hours runtime! Designed for the Raspberry Pi 3.