Robotic News:

07:42 - 2018/05/27

Chimp Robot: A Disaster Response Robot

A team at Carnegie Mellon University engineered its Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform, or Chimp, to excel in unpredictable terrain. “The greatest challenge of humanoid robots is balance,” says head of software Clark Haynes. “Chimp has static stability, so it’s never at risk of falling over and never actively balancing, because it doesn’t have to.”
07:13 - 2018/05/26

VolcanoBot Robot: Smart Explorer Robot

VolcanoBot is a two-wheeled robot, about a foot long and just under seven inches tall. It is capable of sending back information about the now empty fissures that once conducted magma up towards the surface. On its first trip down into Kilauea in May of last year, it went 82 feet below the surface, but researchers hope that it (or its successor) will eventually travel much further.
07:03 - 2018/05/23

Aido Robot: Smart One-Wheel Robot

Aido is the next generation social family robot. Smart, interactive, and uniquely mobile, Aido is the first social robot that can move around your home/office to help improve your lifestyle. He can play with your kids, help you with household chores, handle your schedule, and keep your home connected and safe.
07:19 - 2018/05/22

Eliport Robot: Smart Four-Wheeled Robot

In the Eliport setup, autonomous four-wheeled robots will start by loading themselves up with 30 to 40 kg (66 to 88 lb) of cargo at a centrally-located warehouse/logistics hub. Guided by GPS and a 3D map of the neighborhood in which they're operating, they will then proceed to their destination by travelling along sidewalks at walking speed. Once they get there, they will automatically transfer their cargo into a secure pre-installed "trunk" container, from which the recipient can later retrieve their delivery.
07:47 - 2018/05/21

Fribo Robot: Smart Anti-Depressant Robot

Fribo was designed by Korean researchers who wanted to help lonely young people stay connected. Fribo, a robot that looks like a cross between a shadow and an anime cat, works by observing what a person is doing around their home. The robot uses sound and motion sensory detection to determine whether you just walked through the door, are doing your laundry, or doing other household activities.
07:23 - 2018/05/20

Dolphin-E10 Robot: Smart Pool Cleaning Robot

Dolphin-E10 Robot incorporates a Multi-Layer Filter that provides highly efficient, clog-free filtration. Active Brushing is effective at scrubbing and cleaning away algae and bacteria. Use the multi-function power supply to set the S300 pool cleaner to fast or regular mode. The Maytronics Dolphin S300 features a the PowerStream Mobility System for enhanced navigation and complete pool coverage.
07:13 - 2018/05/19

Sea-Slug Robot: Smart Soft Elastic Robot

Sea-Slug Robot uses muscles taken from the mouth of a sea slug connected to 3D-printed components to move about, and — when an external electrical current is applied to force the muscles to contract — can 'walk' at the extremely unhurried pace of 0.43 centimeters a minute in a form of locomotion similar to a turtle crawling up a beach. The scientists who designed the bot say that in the future, groups of these creations could be used for lengthy missions which would tire traditional robots.
07:49 - 2018/05/16

E2-DR Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

Honda has showcased a prototype robot called E2-DR, and it is designed for disaster scenarios. There are certain requirements a disaster response robot must meet, dexterity being among them. Honda’s new robot prototype demonstrates such abilities, performing actions like a climbing a ladder on video for everyone to see.
07:19 - 2018/05/15

MRZR-X Robot: Smart Military Robot

MRZR-X, an optionally manned version of the MRZR ATV already in service with the U.S. military and the armed forces of 24 other countries. MRZR-X can be driven like a regular ATV, operated remotely, and even autonomously, dutifully following a squad of nine soldiers. In addition the vehicle for the SMET program must also carry 1,000 pounds of equipment, operate for up to six miles over a period of 72 hours without refueling/recharging, and recharge military electronics such as radios, tablets, and other devices.
07:12 - 2018/05/14

Spermbot Robot: Helps Sperm Reach Egg

“spermbot,” a tiny, corkscrew-shaped motor designed to drive lethargic sperm to their target. Magnetically controlled, it works by first wrapping around the sperm’s tail, then propelling it toward—and, ideally, into—an egg. (This happens in the privacy of a medical clinic, not the bedroom.) Developed by a team of scientists in Germany, the motor could one day play a role in artificial insemination.