Robotic News:

08:31 - 2018/10/01

Beachbot Robot: Smart Painter Robot

Beachbot Robot is an autonomous robot that can create large scale sand art. The robot will be deployed at a public beach to amaze beach-goers who pass by. Not only the final picture is important, the whole drawing process will provide an exceptional, magical show. The BeachBot is not just a lifeless, mechanical being; it is a friendly looking creature with a soul.
09:10 - 2018/09/30

BionicOpter Robot: Smart Dragonfly Robot

BionicOpter Robot is the 17.3-inch long dragonfly drone can flutter through the air in any direction, and even hover, just like its biological inspiration. Its four carbon fiber and foil wings beat up to 20 times per-second, propelling it through the air as if it were swimming rather than flying. Actually piloting the robo-bug is achieved through a smartphone app, but an on-board ARM-based micro-controller makes small adjustments to ensure stability during flight.
08:28 - 2018/09/29

MilliRobot Robot: Smart Centipede Robot

MilliRobot Robot is a tiny robot with 'caterpillar' legs could be used to carry drugs inside the human body. Researchers behind the technology say it has the equivalent strength of a human able to lift a 26-seat minibus. It can adapt to adverse environments and move efficiently along surfaces within the body lined with, or entirely immersed in, body fluids such as blood or mucus.
09:01 - 2018/09/27

Space Egg Robot: Smart Service Robot

Space Egg Robot is the latest robo-porter we’ve seen unveiled in recent years. There’s also Botlr, a “robot butler” built by Savioke for hotels; HOSPI, which is made by Panasonic and designed to ferry medical supplies around hospitals; and LG’s CLOi range, which includes bots that are intended to serve drinks in bars and tote luggage around airports.
08:31 - 2018/09/26

Lauron V Robot: Smart Six Legged Robot

Lauron V Robot is a smart Six-legged robot that walking robot designed for planetary exploration. It comes with a custom-built gripper on its leg, a 3D laser scanner for autonomous navigation, and multiple cameras to take on difficult terrain, steep slopes, and sample acquisition.The robot can adapt to the terrain and walk into a simulated crater without trouble. The robot can adapt to steep slopes to complete its tasks.
08:28 - 2018/09/25

Ibuki Robot: Smart Child Robot

Ibuki Robot is capable of scanning for faces and has a half-track system that aids movement, but so far those are the only things it can do, since the robot was not built for specific actions, but for somewhat more psychological ones; Professor Ishiguro has also made an android copy of himself a while back and has since stated that his creations are meant to help people rediscover their psyche.
08:20 - 2018/09/24

Codey Rocky Robot: Smart Educational Robot

Codey Rocky Robot is a cute robot that introduces your children to graphical programming and gets them ready for Python. The Codey Rocky robot comes with 10 electronic modules that can be programmed to perform all kinds of functions. Codey is a detachable controller while Rocky is the car. Codey comes with a 6-axis gyroscope and can serve as a controller for your games.
13:40 - 2018/09/23

22T Robot: Smart Lawnmower Robot

22T Robot Lawnmower is a powerful machine that can handle complex mowing scenarios. It is ready for slope mowing as it uses powerful motor and rugged tracks to climb hills. The 22T is a tracked mower which features Evatech's patented hybrid technology that allows operators to safely mow steep slopes.
08:17 - 2018/09/18

VeriTab Robot: Smart Social Robot

VeriTab Robot is a robot capable of handling transactions of customers. The VeriTab is a humanoid robot with a touchscreen interface. It serves as a self-service payment solution to make life easier for your customers. VeriTab Robot also has a beautiful eye-catching design with LED lights that adds more appeal to audiences than ever before.
09:09 - 2018/09/17

Palro Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Palro Robot is a bipedal robot developed to keep you company. It can be used to watch and communicate with family members remotely. The robot can also bring you the news, weather, calendar, and other topics. Palro was originally designed for senior citizens to prevent dementia and make them more independent. The consumer version will be available from August 29.