Robotic News:

07:37 - 2017/04/09

Sawyer Robot: A New Approach to Automation

Rethink Robotics continues to pioneer the world of collaborative robots. They have announced Intera 5, a first-of-its-kind software platform that connects everything from a single robot controller to the entire work cell.
14:58 - 2017/04/08

SAFFiR Robot: Firefighting Robot

SAFFiR is a two-legged, or bipedal, humanoid robot designed to help researchers evaluate the applications of unmanned systems in damage control and inspections aboard naval vessels, supporting the autonomy and unmanned systems focus area in the Navy's Science and Technology Strategy.
07:41 - 2017/04/08

Robear Robot: Care-Giving robot

A new robot using high-precision tactile sensors and flexible motor control technology has taken Japan one step closer to its goal of providing high-quality care for its growing elderly population. Developed by researchers at RIKEN and Tokai Rubber Industries (TRI), the new robot can lift a patient up to 80kg in weight off floor-level bedding and into a wheelchair, freeing care facility personnel of one of their most difficult and energy-consuming tasks.
07:23 - 2017/04/08

Titan Robot: The Future of Entertainment

Titan the Robot is the ultimate family-entertainment show. Titan’s comedic antics are adored by children and adults alike and with his huge fan base people travel for miles to see his show.
13:58 - 2017/04/06

YETI Robot: Explores Arctic Dangers

Imagine a four-wheeled robot, rolling slowly over frozen landscapes, equipped with high-tech sensors, and funded by NASA. You’re imagining a robot named Yeti, a polar rover designed by a team of Dartmouth Engineering students.
10:46 - 2017/04/06

BoniRob Robot: Bosch's agricultural robot

The robots have learned how to kill. Thankfully, for now, that killing is confined to weeds in fields. A new robot from Bosch, the German company best known for making power tools and car parts, can travel through crop fields, learn what weeds look like, and crush them.
10:16 - 2017/04/06

RoboSimian Robot: Research Tasks

JPL has built a simian-inspired limbed robot to participate in the competition. This groundbreaking RoboSimian uses deliberate and stable operations to complete challenging tasks under supervised tele-operation while in a degraded human environment.
15:27 - 2017/04/05

Nadine Robot: Social Robot

Nadine is a realistic female humanoid social robot designed by the Institute for Media Innovation department of Nanyang Technological University and modelled on its director Professor Nadia Magnenat Thalmann.
07:45 - 2017/04/05

Wave Glider Robot: Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Liquid Robotics is revolutionizing our understanding of the oceans with its unmanned sensor robots. And today, the company is announcing a new version, dubbed the Wave Glider SV3, with advanced capabilities such as a hybrid propulsion system.
17:10 - 2017/04/04

1​2th RoboCup Iran Open Competitions

The RoboCup IranOpen 201​7 will be held at Tehran International Fair in April ​​5-​​7, 201​​7. Iranian RoboCup Regional Committee and Qazvin Azad University as organizers of this event are grateful to have been able to host these competitions for over a decade. We shall try to make the 2017 competitions even more enthusiastic and put all the efforts in our power to prepare an environment in which the participants would present and share their scientific achievements in the areas of AI & Robotics.