Robotic News:

08:12 - 2018/08/26

Shelly Robot: Turtle-like Robot

Shelly Robot reacts to touches and smacks. When it gets scared it changes color and retracts into its shell. Children learn that if they hit Shelly she will be upset and the only thing missing is a set of bitey jaws. “When Shelly stops its interaction due to a child’s abusive behavior, the others in the group who wanted to keep playing with Shelly often complained about it, eventually restraining each other’s abusive behavior,” Naver Labs’ Jason J. Choi told IEEE.
09:16 - 2018/08/25

Igorek Robot: Smart Killer Robot

Igorek Robot was revealed to the public in Moscow on Monday at the ARMY Forum, the “world’s leading exhibition of arms and military equipment, the authoritative platform for discussing innovative ideas and developments for the armed forces”. Igorek is a manned robot, so some lucky operative gets to sit up in the top deck although currently, it is immobile, which is a bit of an issue for a robot.
09:19 - 2018/08/21

Chameleon robot: Smart Toy Robot

Robo Chameleon has a tongue that can be controlled using a remote control. It also has rotating eyes and changing light effects. The tongue has magnets, so it can capture metal food items. This great remote control character has a 3 step challenge to collect his food - move, aim and shoot its tongue out and snap up the bugs! He stores his food in his mouth, ready for the next game!
08:47 - 2018/08/20

Olivia Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

Olivia's head has a pair of stereoscopic camera eyes and it can rotate and also tilt up or down. It appears to float over a ring of light, a design that reminds me of EVE, the little flying bot from WALL-E. A third camera, on the robot's forehead, can zoom in on the speaker's face. Olivia uses software to detect lip movements and determine if a person is speaking to her.
08:04 - 2018/08/19

Rico Robot: Smart Home Robot

The Rico home robot has been specifically designed to utilise the processing power of older smartphones and transform them into smart home robot security devices and personal assistants. Check out the video after the jump to see the new Rico smart robots in action. It seems that new smartphones are launched nearly every month by one company or another tempting us to upgrade from our existing smartphone to a new device with a multitude of enhanced features and applications that we just can’t live without on a daily basis.
08:38 - 2018/08/18

Spy-C Tank Robot: Smart Spy Robot

The Spy-C Tank is entirely controlled via WIFI using an Apple or Android application. The connected Smartphone or tablet displays in real time the images filmed by the Spy-C Tank's onboard motorised camera which can be tilted up to 45 degrees. Download the App and use the controls on the screen to drive the SPY-C Tank, record what it sees, move the camera and zoom in and out. Hear people speak and talk back to them with the Walkie-Talkie function. All in realtime.
08:21 - 2018/08/15

Benebot Robot: Smart Service Robot

Benebot Robot is an autonomous service robot for business. It is designed to work in places of increased concentration of people, in which it helps people with navigation, autonomously moves, communicates and answers any questions, shows promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom it had to communicate.
08:08 - 2018/08/14

Sentinel Robot: Smart Tracked Robot

Sentinel Robot is a remotely operated technical assistance robot. Several accessories can be integrated on its back, making it a great ally for various applications (heavy load transportation, fire-fighting, casualty evacuation, taking measurements, etc.). SENTINEL is entirely designed and produced in France, in La Rochelle.
08:33 - 2018/08/13

Quator Robot: Smart Four-Wheeled Robot

Quator is a robot dedicated to transportation of heavy loads, technical assistance, recognition, research and programming. It can be remote-controlled or autonomous. In autonomous mode, Quator XLT makes its path in its environment by itself and manages obstacles in real time. Its high engine power allows speeds over 10 km/h. Fully IP67 waterproof, this robot is the perfect platform for your studies, research on components or programming.
08:18 - 2018/08/12

Scarab TX Robot: Smart Tracked Robot

SCARAB TX is a remote controlled robot, for intervention and technical assistance. It is often used by firemen as a fire-fighting robot. Thanks to its thermal cameras and other sensors, it can give instant eyes inside a fire to the rescue teams. Like a scout, it is able to access areas which are too dangerous for humans to approach thus improving the security and safety of missions. It can also directly attack a fire with a water cannon.