Robotic News:

07:02 - 2018/04/18

Ava 500 Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

The Ava 500 provides a more commanding presence when you are unable to attend a remote conference, meeting, or lecture, or to meet with workers at a manufacturing plant, warehouse, or training facility. Telepresence enables you to save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours per year that would otherwise be spent on flights, hotels, and related travel expenses.
07:37 - 2018/04/17

Cimon Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile CompanioN) is a mobile and autonomous assistance system designed to aid astronauts with their everyday tasks on the ISS. This will be the first form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on an ISS mission. CIMON is an experiment overseen by Space Administration at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in cooperation with Airbus (Friedrichshafen/Bremen, Germany) as the prime contractor.
06:58 - 2018/04/16

Giddle Robot: Smart Cleaning Toilet

Giddel has a ground-breaking robotic arm driven by advanced sensors and sophisticated, heavy-duty mechanisms that facilitate unrivaled dexterity in consumer robotics to scrub even the hardest-to-reach areas. The highly flexible body allows it to clean most common round and elongated toilets in North America. Advanced software contains intelligent algorithms that provide safety and obstacle detection, so Giddel can be used in any home, including those with young children and pets.
07:08 - 2018/04/15

Suvie Robot: Smart Kitchen Robot

The Suvie countertop appliance is a WiFi-enabled countertop multi-zone cooker and refrigerator that easily turns four individual meal components — raw proteins, fresh vegetables, dry starches, and chef-designed sauces — into one perfectly cooked, restaurant quality meal that’s ready whenever you want it to be.
10:15 - 2018/04/14

Emma Robot: Smart Massage Robot

Emma started work on 'her' first patients today at the NovaHealth Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic, working alongside human colleagues - a physician and a massage therapist. Emma 3.0 - the first to go in public service - is a third more compact than the first prototype revealed last year. According to researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore who designed Emma, she provides a massage that is described by patients as almost indistinguishable from a professional masseuse.
07:08 - 2018/04/12

David Robot: An Anthropomorphic Robot

David is a scientific platform to experimentally investigate control methods for variable stiffness robots. The focus of the controller design includes active vibration damping, stiffness control, optimal, and cyclic motion control. Analysis and control of robotic arms and hands are treated. The high dynamics and the robustness of the platform allow to explore new strategies for the planning and the execution. The possibility to safely collide with the environment offers the possibility to develop tactile mapping algorithm.
07:10 - 2018/04/11

Mabu Robot: Smart Medicine Robot

Mabu the personal healthcare companion is the face of Catalia Health’s platform for patient engagement. We’ll be talking more about the backend software algorithms and medical best practices that drive her conversations with patients in the future. She’s designed to help patients with the myriad challenges of chronic disease management and will be first rolled out this year to help a particular group of patients manage the medication portion of their treatment.
07:02 - 2018/04/10

Biki Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

BIKI moves at a speed of 1.12 miles per hour and can reach a maximum depth of 196 feet. The entire system operates at a 55 decibel level. The camera included with the units takes 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160P, 16 MegaPixel video and can store between 90 and 120 minutes of footage on its 32 Gigabyte internal memory. Two 114 Lumen lights can illuminate deeper areas for the 150 degree wide angle lens to take video, and an onboard camera stabilizer is designed to give a smooth view as the camera swims through the water.
06:42 - 2018/04/09

Wheeme Robot: Smart Massage Robot

WheeMe is a palm-sized robot, designed solely for your relaxation. Using a unique sensor technology, WheeMe moves along the back, creating wave after wave of soothing sensations, without falling down or losing grip. Enjoy your own portable massage therapist anytime, anywhere.
07:31 - 2018/04/08

Promobot Robot: Smart Service Robot

Promobot – is an autonomous service robot for business. It is designed to work in places of increased concentration of people, in which it helps people with navigation, autonomously moves, communicates and answers any questions, shows promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom it had to communicate.