Robotic News:

07:15 - 2018/06/18

Octinion Robot: Strawberry Picking Robot

The robot in question is designed and built by Belgian engineering company Octinion. Using some smart machine vision algorithms and a 3D-printed hand, it’s able to work out when a particular strawberry is ripe for plucking, and then pick it off the forb (yep, we hadn’t heard that word either!) without causing any damage.
07:20 - 2018/06/17

Xiaodan Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

Xiaomi does not miss any technological sector, not even products for children. From toys, drones, scooters, computers to robots. However, in the market, there are already different proposals for robots but none has reached an appropriate level of functionality. That’s why Xiaomi reinvents itself with NUWA robotics brand and brings us XiaoDan, the new educational and emotional robot.
07:52 - 2018/06/13

WT-500 Robot: Smart Track Robot

WT-500 Robot is another rugged robot platform that is ready for your complex projects. The WT-500 Tracked Robot has a 304 SS body and max load of 30kg. It can climb 30-degree slopes. The max speed is about 1.5m/s. The WT-500 comes with a 40mm wide track.
07:31 - 2018/06/12

Mega Hurtz Robot: Smart Service Robot

Mega Hurtz Robot is another rugged robotic platform capable of hauling heavy objects and even cars. The Mega Hurtz Robot is a 4WD unmanned electric vehicle with a steel plated shell. It comes with a FPV system for more immersive teleoperation.
08:53 - 2018/06/11

Mario Robot: Smart Service Robot

The MARIO project is among 25 projects credited, and the only one in Ireland, with having had the most influence in Europe over the last 11 years. The project is also being featured across Europe this week on the EuroNews TV channel’s ‘Futuris’ science programme.
07:52 - 2018/06/03

XLR-One Robot: Smart Personal Robot

The XLR-One personal robot is supplied with its custom themed control app, allowing you to control the robot using either Android and iOS devices. Watch the video below to learn more about this interesting personal robot project. Unlike other robot kits available on the market, the XLR-ONE has a finished professional design unlike your common erector set unfinished look with exposed wires and inflated price tag.
07:34 - 2018/06/02

MIA Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot for Pets

MIA Robot is a cute little machine that can keep pets active and give them treats. It moves throughout your house on its own and avoids obstacles and stairs. It comes with durable, bite proof construction, stairs detection, customizable eye color, dry food dispenser, and app support.
07:15 - 2018/05/30

Cutii Robot: Smart Four-Wheeled Robot

Cutii Robot responds to verbal cues to offer users a catalog of services and activities. It can’t assist with day-to-day tasks like cooking and doing the dishes, but can schedule and coordinate enrichment and well-being activities like contacting family members, arranging doctor’s appointments, and signing up for fitness classes. The robot can be controlled manually with a remote or it can be left to navigate autonomously around the home.
07:11 - 2018/05/29

Misty Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

The Misty robot looks like an early concept version of Wall-E with its mini-tank treads, squat size and large, expressive eyes. Naturally, there's a ton of gadgetry hidden underneath its adorable exterior. There are an occipital light sensor, HD camera and far-field microphone array up top, right above its 4.3-inch LCD display. Below that, there are speakers and RGB LED, as well as sensors in the front and rear for avoiding objects.
07:41 - 2018/05/28

CARLoS Robot: Smart Modular Robot

Meet the CARLoS robot: a modular solution built with off-the-shelf parts that can serve as a robot co-worker. It comes with a tracked mobile platform, force/torque sensor, welding machine, laser sensors and ROS based control. It is smart enough to work around humans.